'Direct purchasing' explained

Direct purchasing

Before the end of this year, 2020, all orders must be placed in a 100% Digital manner, which means that you must always order digitally on accurate grower supply made available by growers in Floriday. Floriday will be a multi-sided platform, which means a platform for both growers and buyers. Buyers who do not use a software package (of their own), or partially use one, will soon be able to create and place direct orders for ordering flowers and plants in the buyer part of Floriday. The functionality ‘direct purchasing’ helps to achieve this.
We would be happy to tell you more about direct purchasing in Floriday. Please see the details below.

When do you use ‘direct purchasing’ through Floriday?

Buyers who do not use a software package (of their own), or partially use one, will soon be able to create and place direct orders for ordering flowers and plants in Floriday. This way, they can digitally order from the stock that growers have made available in Floriday.

How does direct purchasing work in Floriday?

Floriday allows buyers to ‘follow’ growers. This way, buyers have direct insight into the stock that they want to see. When the grower receives the buyer’s follow request, the grower places the buyer in a ‘customer-specific price group’. That way, buyers see the price that applies to them. Buyers can then place a direct digital order with the grower. The result is an order that meets the requirements of 100% Digital business.

The benefits of direct purchasing in Floriday 

Direct purchasing has various benefits to both growers and buyers:

  • The buyer places a digital order in Floriday. The grower receives the order and can process it immediately. Growers who work with their own software package receive an order message directly to their own system. The buyer receives an EKT in their system. Orders don’t have to be retyped, which saves time and reduces the margin for error.

  • Growers can add additional services to their items, such as sustainable packaging. Multiple additional services can be added per item, so there is no need to create a separate supply line for every combination item and additional service. The result is a more organised catalogue for growers and buyers can see which additional services are available at a glance. Floriday makes it easy for buyers to order these additional services.

  • Growers can sort their product range into collections in Floriday in an organised way. These collections are shown to buyers when they start placing direct orders in Floriday.

  • Growers can add their own packaging in an organised way. Growers can add a name, description, picture and dimensions to their own packaging, so that buyers know exactly which packaging to expect.

  • Buyers see the grower’s ‘online shop’ and can add products to their shopping cart. When the shopping cart is full and ready to order, transport costs are calculated separately. This way transport costs are included in the payment of the order and scaled prices per item are no longer necessary.

  • Buyers can see the status of their order. You can see whether the grower has accepted your order, for example. In time, track & trace will also be added to orders in Floriday.

More information

  • Want to get started with direct purchasing in Floriday? Send an email to info@floriday.io.
  • Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please contact one of our Floriday experts through support@floriday.io or call +31 (0)174 352070.

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