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By the end of 2020, all transactions on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will take place digitally. The digital transition means that growers and buyers on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will in future do business in a different way. Basically this means that direct transactions will be initiated directly through Floriday. Growers can already use Floriday for their day-to-day trading. Work is currently underway finalising functionality for buyers, so that there will be one central place for them to go for supply information and up-to-date pricing. On this page, you can read what we are working on for Floriday for buyers.

Please note! Currently, the functionalities of Floriday for buyers are not yet available and accessible.

Join a buyer session about 100% Digital!

Would you like to know why we have to trade in a 100% Digital way, and what this will mean for your business? Send us a mail and sign up for one of our (online) buyer sessions about 100% Digital. 

100% Digital: What does it mean for buyers?

100% Digital means for buyers that a direct transaction always has to be initiated from the buyer. This order will be placed on the online supply of the grower. As a customer, you will be able to work behind the scenes of Floriday, or you can link your software package to Floriday through the API link, VMP link or by submitting Florecom orders. 

The biggest part of 100% digital for buyers is having real-time information with current prices and a trustworthy supply. This way, the reciprocal exchange of information (between growers and buyers) is improved, the information becomes more reliable and companies can operate in a more customer-oriented way. In addition, there are a few other benefits:

  • Using the purchasing dashboard (see explanation below) you will have direct view of exceptions and you can easily find alternatives.
  • There is complete (automatic) matching between purchase/delivery and invoicing.
  • Confidential information is available with regards to certification, since the information in Floriday is being received from the source (for example Floricode).
  • Track & Trace of orders, so you always know where your order is.
  • Logistics can become more efficient.
  • It offers more options for (logistical) stickers.

Would you like to know more about 100% Digital? Please see the video above and visit this website.

Development of functionalities for buyers

We are already working on the development of new functionalities to allow working digitally. Please note! These functionalities are all still in development. Would you like to think along? That is possible by emailing us!

Purchasing dashboard

Currently, buyers still order in many different ways from growers, over the phone, email, WhatsApp etc. Unfortunately, it is still often the case that buyers order on supply lines that are not accurate (different prices, loads, etc.). Before the end of this year, 2020, all orders must be placed in a 100% Digital manner, which means that you must always order digitally on accurate grower supply. That is why we have developed the purchasing dashboard. The purchasing dashboard is part of "Floriday for buyers". The purchasing dashboard matches digitally entered orders with supply lines that growers have placed in Floriday. Orders that do not match the supply lines from Floriday can be matched using the purchasing dashboard.
We are happy to tell you more about the purchasing dashboard: when you need it or not and how it works. Please read here more.

Digital contract trading

Floriday develops digital contract trading so you can process your long term agreements (contracts). You can digitally record a contract in the platform, after which the grower will keep the supply separate for you and you can call on the supply later. With regards to development, we are starting from the moment that a contract is being drawn.

Additional services

Through ‘Additional services’ products from the catalogue of growers will be enriched with services that might not belong to a certain product per se, such as decorative pots, labels and sleeves. When a grower offers ‘additional services’, you can add these to your shopping cart and order them directly digitally.

Order directly through the customer portal

If you do not have your own software package, you can use the customer portal, or the customer area of Floriday, to make direct orders through Floriday and digitally place an order with a grower. You can ‘follow’ a grower, which means this grower will place you in a customer specific price group, so you can always see the correct price. Afterward you can place an order on the online supply of the grower. You place the desired products in your shopping cart (you will have a separate shopping cart for every grower) and place the order.

Purchasing tip

There is also a tool in development that allows you as a buyer to respond quickly to offers from growers. The grower can make a "purchasing tip" within Floriday (or via his own package with an API link). This purchase tip describes the product, prices and delivery conditions. The buyer will then receive a phone notification from or via Floriday of the purchasing tip issued by the grower. You then have the option to order from the purchasing tip. The buyer also has the option of adding his own order reference to the order so that the invoice review can run more smoothly on his side.

This solution is only permitted if it is used to a limited extent. The exact guidelines for this will be further investigated. For the vast majority of orders, we would like to emphasise that they should be routed through the indicated route in Floriday (the supplier has listed the supply online and the buyer places an order for the supply he wants).

Would you like to contribute?

We are looking for buyers who would like to contribute to the development of the functionalities specifically for buyers. So do you use a lot of contract trade/ long-term agreements? Will you contribute ideas about the purchasing dashboard? Let us know through email.

Keeping up to date

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Any questions?

Please contact one of our Floriday experts through info@floriday.io or call +31 (0)174 352070.

Need help?

We’re happy to help you on your way!

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