How did Floriday come about?

Joint initiative for the floriculture sector

Floriday was started in 2018 as an initiative for the floriculture industry by Royal FloraHolland and FloraXchange. Floriday's mission is to make the floriculture industry more accessible and straightforward by developing a new digital infrastructure for the global floriculture trade. Together with growers and buyers, Floriday provides a foundation in this digital infrastructure in order to achieve maximum value for every player in the chain. The development of Floriday entails close collaboration with growers, buyers, service providers and software providers.

A more accessible and straightforward floriculture industry consists of four pillars. We are happy to explain them to you.

  • Together
    We work together with growers, buyers, service providers and software providers of floricultural services.

  • Innovative
    We develop using the most modern techniques, so that the platform is straightforward to use on a daily basis.

  • Facilitation
    We facilitate and enable digital trading. We provide the digital infrastructure for the entire industry.

  • Accessibility
    We believe in an accessible platform for growers and buyers where there is also room for suppliers of relevant services.

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