Bakker.com: ”Our broad assortment and the constant demand for products provide opportunities for growers”

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Gepost op  17 February 2021 door Diede Barendse

We recently spoke with Erwin van Cooth (CEO of Bakker.com) and Harry Buurman (Business Owner E-commerce & Project Manager) about the e-commerce strategy of Bakker.com, 100% Digital, the opportunities this offers and the link with Floriday. Read more in the article. 


Bakker.com is a major player in the Netherlands, and is setting trends both nationally and internationally. Bakker.com is now active in eleven countries, delivering speed when it comes to e-commerce. It went bankrupt in 2018, with Erwin van Cooth starting up again after two months. Since then, Bakker.com has made a considerable turnaround, with a clear aim in its sights: transforming into an e-tailer, fully geared toward e-commerce. “We want to offer customers an all-in-one solution: alongside products, we want to provide advice and inspiration. We can give you everything at once; we’re a one-stop green shop. Floriday is helping us achieve this goal”, says Erwin.


Changes in the market

“We’re in a sector that’s increasingly starting to orientate itself online. While our sector is still fairly traditional and conservative for the time being, at the same time there are huge opportunities”, says Erwin. Bakker.com sells through marketplaces and in its own web shop, among other places; offering assistance to third parties through order handling and fulfilment, and still has its mail order model. Turnover and traffic to Bakker.com has increased enormously this year. The coronavirus crisis meant everything saw rapid acceleration. “All the while we were also busy sorting everything in Floriday. That entails challenges on a range of levels, but this has now led to us selling almost all indoor plants through Floriday. It’s now the turn of our outdoor plants”, Harry explains. 


Responding to demand

From the outset, Erwin has been a true believer in the Floriday narrative. Bakker.com requires access to the supply, so that it can change gear swiftly. The advent of Floriday means Bakker.com is continually able to respond to demand, depending on the availability of the products growers keep on Floriday. Growers’ real-time stock is essential for a proper flow to end customers. The instant one of Bakker.com’s fixed suppliers has sold out of a product, they can start seeking out an alternative product in the same region through Floriday. Bakker.com’s broad assortment and the constant demand for products means this also immediately provides opportunities for growers. 


Plan of action

“We started out really small with Floriday. Baby steps involve only facing minor issues, meaning it was manageable for us at all times”, says Harry. Bakker.com started with indoor plants (house plants), which primarily concerns day trade. “This is where Floriday offered us huge value”, explains Harry. Bakker.com began with a number of suppliers who were furthermore already in Floriday, meaning they could quickly start and learn from each other. “We’re almost set, and can put the finishing touches on indoor products. The outdoor sections will go much more quickly thanks to the experience we’ve gained, and will mainly occur based on contract trade. We’re in for a rematch”, says Harry. 


100% Digital experience

“I’m well aware that getting everything into Floriday is a huge chore for growers.  It’s more straightforward for some than for others, and we’re trying to respond to this in a flexible manner,” says Harry. Bakker.com has identified a shift among growers since the start of 2021; it has noticed that real steps are being made, and more and more growers have their supply in Floriday. Thanks to Floriday, growers are getting spotted, and gaining considerable reach. Bakker.com used to have its own product numbers and receipt numbers, which suppliers had to use for orders. Floriday means Bakker.com is taking over the numbers growers have in their system, and sorting out translating these into its system. This has led to enhanced delivery reliability, resulting in enhanced efficiency among growers. “We’re now able to purchase products in no time, place them on our website more quickly, and therefore get the product to the end customer sooner”, says Erwin.



“Making a connection with growers through Floriday means we can purchase quickly. This makes sourcing products extremely easy, and consumers know exactly what they can expect from Bakker.com. Thanks to Floriday, Bakker.com can view everything digitally. As far as the contract is concerned: in terms of availability improvements, we know more than we used to before talking to a grower”, explains Harry. Bakker.com is convinced that personalised contact will always be best, despite digitisation. Conversations are less about whether a product is available, and more about campaigns or follow-up plans. That human aspect is, and remains, extremely important for Bakker.com in its relationship with growers. 



Bakker.com is pleased with Floriday’s possibilities, and sees a wealth of opportunities for growers. This is because Floriday is the platform for getting in touch with buyers who in turn have international e-sales channels, including Bakker.com. Collaborating when it comes to data, for instance, means a new world is set to open up. Erwin concludes with an appeal to growers: “We also see plenty of opportunities for growers. They can let buyers know they still have some supply left over by sending a special offer or purchase tip. We really enjoy collaborating with them. So, throw open the doors and see what opportunities are out there. It’s so easy to get in touch with each other through Floriday: and this is something we’re really keen on!”

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