Floriday will soon be more predictable due to version management software link

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Gepost op  06 May 2021 door Daniëlle van der Peet

With this approach to release management, the API link will have a stable release, update twice a year with new and/or improved functionality: a so-called ‘main release’. Before a main release is formalised, it will be available for some time as a ‘beta release’. During this time, the last issues will be worked out. The most recent functionality, that still has to be thoroughly tested by users, will be available in a so-called ‘alpha release’ of the API link. During this phase, there are constant changes.

Choice for software suppliers

Keeping up multiple versions, software suppliers can now choose with which speed and stability they would like to apply Floriday functionality in their software package. Some software suppliers prefer a stable environment, others would like to have the ‘newest toys’ and would like to use the earliest version that is available to have input into the functionality.

“More predictability and structure”

Howard Misser, Digital Manager at Royal FloraHolland: “I think an intensive collaboration with software suppliers is of the utmost importance. Together we are working on the digitisation of the industry. By working with releases, we are responding to an established wish and we offer predictability and structure. We discussed the structure of the release management with software suppliers. The feedback was largely positive. Opinions regarding the right frequency of new releases were varied. Some thought two releases per year was a tad too much, others thought it too little. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing further details with software suppliers.”

New approach - Floriday

On 31 March, we announced a new approach for Floriday. Dozens of sessions with agents, growers, buyers and software suppliers have been held to find out how we can improve Floriday. There were also discussions concerning the desired functionalities for growers, buyers and software suppliers. This feedback forms the basis of Floriday's new approach, which focuses on better and more intensive cooperation, broader trading possibilities, simple working and increasing predictability.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a link that enables two applications to communicate with one another. Floriday makes use of API links, both on the side of the buyer and the side of the grower, so that growers and buyers can connect to Floriday with their own software package. The advantage is that growers and buyers can continue to use their own software, but that all the information is available through Floriday as well.


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