Florinet, Zentoo and Floriday are working together on 100% Digital - Watch the video!

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Gepost op  29 October 2020 door Diede Barendse

Growers, buyers and software suppliers are getting ready this year for 100% Digital*. An important and essential part of this is the software suppliers that are making sure that growers and buyers can continue to operate using their own software package, which is linked to Floriday. In a video we recently recorded, Zentoo, Florinet and Kwekerij Michel Grootscholten tell us more about this transition, as well as its importance and the approach.

Software supplier Florinet has embraced this transition to 100% Digital right from the start and has set to work towards having all Floriday modules linked with Florinet's software package on time. They are one of the first software suppliers to already have linked all Floriday modules.

Chrysanthemum cooperative Zentoo uses Florinet's software package. With this package, they serve all the nurseries that are affiliated to Zentoo. Cropping, stock and sales are a few of the items recorded in it.

Marien Kuijntjes, director of Florinet, has long been involved in the floriculture industry. "We have stood still as a sector in recent years, and we actually want to turn back all this time in one go through digitisation. I think it is a very good catch-up exercise that will ultimately provide more commercial opportunities for growers to market their product to a much wider clientele than they are accustomed to at the moment", says Marien. What is his message to growers who still have a lot to do? "Know where you stand, what you have to do and make sure you are aware of all the regulations and opportunities". Jochem den Bleker, location manager at Chrysanten grower Michel Grootscholten adds: "Digitisation can no longer be stopped, so we must all join in. Make sure you're not the last to get onboard, because by then you might be too late. It takes a little time, but this is time you need to invest".


*Update 25 November: Temporary leniency scheme in the event of not meeting 100% Digital requirements
Growers, buyers and agents who are not yet ready to trade 100% Digital for direct transactions on 1 January 2021 can make use of a temporary leniency scheme until 31 March 2021 at the latest. This temporary leniency scheme is aimed at growers, buyers and agents who are waiting for the link with their software package, or at parties that are already working 100% Digital, but the other party isn't yet. The application for this leniency period should be made through software suppliers. Read the article here.


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