Hilverda De Boer: “100% Digital means time savings and cost savings for both us and our customers”

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Gepost op  22 June 2020 door Joyce van Galen

By the end of 2020, all direct orders will be 100% Digital; this also goes for Hilverda De Boer, cut flowers and plants exporter and a self-described pioneer with regard to the importance of Floriday and 100% Digital. Given that Hilverda De Boer is a member of Blueroots, it will link its own software package to Floriday via the Blueroots API in order to be able to work 100% digitally. We asked Commercial Director Cees Bakker and Purchasing Manager Azadin Ouriouer for their thoughts on 100% Digital.


Why is the move to 100% Digital important to Hilverda De Boer?

Hilverda de Boer’s Commercial Director Cees Bakker: “Speed in our purchasing and logistics processes is essential in our line of business. 100% Digital means time savings for both us and our customers. Naturally this means that we save costs as well, which is particularly important in a time when we are increasingly moving towards cost leadership.”


What advantages will 100% Digital offer Hilverda de Boer? Or are you already enjoying these advantages?

Hilverda de Boer’s Purchasing Manager, Azadin Ouriouer: “Smaller margins of error are a tremendous advantage. Mistakes are easily made by people, but with good systems you can overcome many mistakes.”
Cees Bakker adds: “We are already experiencing this advantage. Because we have a good team of programmers, our development towards 100% Digital is already considerably advanced. Floriday is incredibly important to us, so we truly want to give it our full attention. We may justifiably be regarded as a pioneer in this.”

What does 100% Digital mean for the company?

Ouriouer: “The change from 100% Digital is that we organise part of our purchasing processes differently. Increasingly working with systems means we have to call through orders to growers less frequently. This saves a lot of time, which we can spend on relationship management with those same growers. For example, our customers spend a lot of time making agreements with growers about what they offer via Floriday, or they visit nurseries to assess new varieties and quality. It may sound contradictory, but keeping a feel for the products and the people is very important to us in this digital era.”


How are you going to work in a 100% Digital manner?

Bakker: “Floriday will bring growers and end customers together. The role of the exporter will become that of linking supply and demand and ensuring efficient logistics between growers and customers. Our task consists of large-scale purchasing and meticulous distribution.”

What would you like to tell your fellow buyers about 100% Digital?

Ouriouer: “The whole world is digitising, there is no turning back. You have to move along if you don't want to miss this wave of digitisation. This does not only apply to our co-buyers but certainly also to growers. Our purchasing team continuously encourages growers to join Floriday. We actually help growers with this, through advice and assistance. Another big advantage for growers is that track & trace enables them to know the location of their products as well as where they end up. For example, if 50% of your products end up in Eastern Europe, you can take that into account as a grower.”


More information

  • We are aware that 100% Digital will require a completely different way of working for you as a buyer and for the growers with whom you do business. Floriday will gladly help you on your way. On this page, you will find more information about 100% Digital for buyers.
  • Have you already attended one of our online information sessions as a buyer? In these sessions, we explain how your company will soon comply with 100% Digital, and you’re also given a chance to ask any questions you may have. Sign up for the online buyer session.

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