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How can I offer my products through direct sales on Floriday?

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Gepost op 19-07-2022
door Laura Nowee

Floriday offers various options for you as a grower to publish your supply online. What supply do you have to use and for what? Do you use catalog prices or batch prices for this? For an experienced Floriday user it is probably very obvious, but for a new user it can take a bit of searching. In this article, we will provide an overview of the different options for offering products.


Start creating trade items

All items in your assortment can be included in the catalog as a trade item. You can either select a regular trade item or a customer-specific trade item:

  • Regular trade item: available to all customers
  • Customer-specific trade item: to be offered to one or more customers

With this distinction, you can determine from the very outset whether the item is genuinely exclusive for one or a few buyers or whether it can be offered to all customers.

As soon as you start creating offers within direct sales, the trade item will become visible to customers. Through availability settings, such as availability filters, you are able to specify whether a given buyer can or cannot order it.

Different types of supply

From the trade item created, you can set up different types of supply in Floriday. Please find an overview of the available options below:

  • Batch prices can be used to create batches (stock) in Floriday, which you then offer to buyers. This functionality is widely used by the cut flower growers. Read more
  • Catalog prices are offers based on weekly lists. This way of pricing is often used by plant growers. Read more
    • Forward prices: Forward pricing allows you to enter catalogue prices for future supply and set an order period. Read more
    • Promo: The promo function allows you to offer a trade item to one or more buyers for a specific time period at a different price or in a different available quantity. Read more
  • Special offers are a convenient way to quickly and easily create and promote offers to customers. Offers have a flexible validity and can be created for multiple customers at the same time, and you also have the option of creating a public offer for all customers in order to increase your visibility. Read more
  • Contract is a long-term agreement with a buyer, which both the buyer and the grower can refer to. This is especially useful for customers who buy regular and fixed quantities. This offer can be made through batch pricing. Read more
  • Direct Bidding gives growers and buyers the opportunity to easily trade with each other through bidding. Read more


Open the doors of your shop!

Have you entered your full assortment and determined the offer by entering the prices and quantities? Then it's time to open your shop! With your shop activated, you can offer buyers the opportunity to buy your supply through Floriday. See it as a showcase for your supply on Floriday. Read more about how to activate your shop.

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