In gesprek met Raymond en Roel over de koppeling tussen de softwarepakketten van kwekers en Floriday

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Gepost op  16 April 2020 door Diede Barendse

All direct transactions on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will become entirely digital by the end of 2020. It will require growers and buyers on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace to do business in a different way. Things will also change for growers who use their own software package. In order to work 100% digitally using your own software package, it is important that the software has a link to Floriday. Raymond van Sassen and Roel Voerman are working hard on this. We interviewed them to find out more!

Diede: What is your role at Floriday?
Raymond: We are responsible for connecting the grower software packages and apps to Floriday. The team is working on the API link that makes it possible for growers using their own software to link to Floriday. We are in contact with all the software suppliers involved, providing support in various ways such as info about Floriday and the link to Floriday, documentation, support for developers and help to go live. It’s a challenging task, but lot’s of fun!

Diede: Which choice can growers make to start working 100% digitally?
Raymond: For 100% Digital, growers will use a number of modules: catalogue, direct sales from lots or catalogue, sales orders and direct delivery. As a grower, you can choose per module to work with your own software or Floriday. Of course, if you use your own, the software has to support the modules. Suppose you want to sell directly from your catalogue, but your supplier does not support it, then you can use Floriday. If your software does support the direct sales module, you can choose where to do it. On our website, you can find which modules will be supported by software suppliers.

Diede: What is the status of the link to Floriday?
Roel: Recently, we reached a new milestone and celebrated this from our home office ;) The API link has been mature since 3 April. It was an important moment towards achieving this year's goal of 100% Digital. Now that we have the API link, we can retire the EAB, VMP and Florecom notes and growers can go about their daily trade more efficiently. 

Diede: A 'mature' API link - what exactly does this mean?
Raymond: A 'mature’ link means, specifically, that the software suppliers have a working link available to roll out their software to all their customers.

Diede: What is the status of the link between Floriday and the software packages?
Roel: We publish a status overview on the Floriday website. It is continuously updated. Here, you will find up-to-date information and see which modules your software supplier will support.  Our team will continue to support software suppliers throughout the year so that growers will be ready to work 100% digitally by the end of the year. If, as a grower, you sell on the clock only, your software will not need to be linked to Floriday by then. However, the link will eventually need to be made at some later stage during 2021.


Diede: And what should growers do if they want to use certain modules from software suppliers, which are not yet linked before the end of the year?
Roel: If these modules are not linked by the end of 2020, growers can temporarily rely on Floriday.


Diede: What else is coming this year?
Raymond: There's still quite a lot planned for this year. New functionality and modules will be added for 100% Digital, such as article compositions, own packaging and contracts.


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  • Would you like to know more about what 100% Digital means if you are working with a software package? Read more about it here.
  • Would you like to check the status of your software supplier? See this overview
  • Would you like to contact a Floriday expert? Please contact us at: info@floriday.io or call +31(0) 174 352070.

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