In discussion with The Flower Family about 100% Digital, the future and their approach

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Gepost op  27 October 2020 door Diede Barendse

Recently, we spoke to Laurens Mulder, co-owner of The Flower Family. The Flower Family is an online flower service that is committed to people, the environment and society. We spoke to Laurens about the opportunities in digitisation for the industry, 100% Digital and sustainability. Would you like to know more about The Flower Family? Read more in this news report. 

The Flower Family delivers fresh flowers, cultivated in a sustainable way, directly from the field to the consumer. The flower arrangements for the bunches are made by the ‘talents’ of the company. These are people with a distance to the labour market, who can participate fully in society in this way. In addition to the focus on sustainability and the social aspect, The Flower Family has a clear view on digitisation in the Floriculture industry.


Benefits of digitisation

“Further digitisation in the form of 100% Digital is the best thing that could happen to the industry. In addition to the transparency that it will offer, there will also be great progress in efficiency and automation. Demand and supply will come closer together due to this and the market will increasingly change from a push market - in which the surplus is sold in exchange for (less than) the cost price - to a pull market. The grower will also have more information from the market about, for example, demand and trends, who the customers are and how the demand curve changes over time,” says Laurens. For The Flower Family, 100% Digital means more information to make the right choices in view of sustainability. In addition, it will save them a lot of time in regards to purchasing, planning, organisation and research.


The link between Floriday and The Flower Family

Right now, The Flower Family uses the API-link to Floriday to purchase directly and to be able to order digitally from their growers. “Ever since the beginning of The Flower Family, we were looking for an open connection between the software we developed and that of the grower,” Laurens Mulder stated. The software that was commonly used in the floriculture industry did not satisfy the demands of The Flower Family. After searching for a while, they came into contact with Jan van der Lans and Ruud Schuurman from Floriday. Laurens says that they expertly guided them through the whole process. By now, the ERP system of The Flower Family has been linked to Floriday through the API-link. They were already able to complete a few digital orders. “In the near future, the intention is to further automate the purchasing according to the demand from the market. As a result, we are trying to have our supply as limited as possible, and to waste as little as possible”.


Hopes for the future

By using the Floriday link, The Flower Family has more insight in, for example, the delivery times and certification. As a result, they have the option to direct their own supply chain and they gain better insight into the pricing. Laurens tells us what else he would like to see in Floriday: “Right now, it is mostly about providing feedback on the track and trace status of our products. I hope that there will be more options on the supply side of things so that we can organise the last little step of our planning and automation. To easily offer the surplus for growers, matching similar products and/or offering a similar product, more insight into logistics, energy use and certifications. These are all items on our wish list.”


“Floriday, we should all use it”

Even though it is already the end of October, not all growers and buyers have started with 100% Digital yet. Everyone needs to jump into action, to eventually profit from all the benefits. Laurens shared this opinion: “If you keep doing what you did, you will get more of the same. In other words: if the Dutch flower industry wants to keep being at the forefront, the entire industry has to adapt to change and keep innovating. We are now living in a digital society, and this makes things much easier, but only if you are willing to truly change. This is something we should all make use of.”


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