De nieuwste functies op Floriday nu ook zichtbaar op de routekaart

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Gepost op  03 June 2021 door Daniëlle van der Peet

In mid-April, Floriday made an interactive roadmap available within the platform containing all the development points and ideas for the platform. Over 3,000 votes have since been cast on the submitted requests and the development schedule. Over 500 growers and buyers have submitted a request. The ‘Ready’ section was recently added to the roadmap where users can see which requests are now ready.

How does the roadmap work?

Floriday users can view their requests and ideas for the platform on the roadmap. In a short video, Floriday experts Robbert Schalke and Marcel van der Ende explain exactly how the roadmap works.

The roadmap was a broad-based request among growers and buyers, arising from the sessions with concerned parties about the follow-up approach for Floriday. It provides users with more insight into the developments to come. Floriday is using the roadmap to prioritise and provide clarity on impending improvements and new functionalities on the platform.


What happens to a submitted request?

  • Once a request is submitted, we add it to the ‘requests’ tab. We first check whether this request has already been submitted.
  • You can find all solutions and their status on the ‘Schedule’ tab. As soon as a solution has been planned in, it is assigned a status: being worked on, under development, in pilot phase or completed. The number of votes is an important criterion when it comes to planning in new developments.
  • On the ‘Ready’ tab, you can find an overview of the previously submitted requests that are now live on the platform.
  • As soon as a solution is ready, we inform the users who have voted for it; this can be found in Floriday's release notes for buyers and growers.


Available in the Floriday environment

The roadmap is available to growers and buyers in the Floriday platform. Via the dashboard, you will be led directly to it via a banner.

Go directly to the roadmap

Go to the grower portal >>
Go to the buyer portal >>

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More information

Read more about how the roadmap works in the Floriday Help Center.
Buyer roadmap article Help Center >>
Grower roadmap article Help Center >>

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