What does 100% Digital mean when you work with a software package?

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Gepost op  26 March 2020 door Joyce van Galen

All direct transactions on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will become entirely digital by the end of 2020. This means that growers and buyers on the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will do business in a different way. Things will also change for growers who use their own software package. This update offers you more information on this subject.

As a grower, you may already be well organised with a software package. You can keep using this as usual for your direct sales and clock sales to be able to comply with 100% Digital in the end. This applies to both the management of the supply (prices and stock) and the handling of the orders. However, the software package must be linked to Floriday. 

You also have the choice to organize your sale using Floriday. Depending on the sales solutions you are currently using for your nursery, you can see for yourself what works best for you. This choice has to be made soon if you want to satisfy 100% Digital this year. We will provide information regarding linking and functionality, and show the choices of your fellow growers.

Why is this link needed?

To get 100% Digital, a link between the software package and Floriday has to be made, to ensure that all the supply and all transactions are initiated and dealt with digitally - through Floriday. This is also the only way to have the settlement take place through Royal FloraHolland. For growers, this means that your supply will be displayed online so that customers can place their orders on your supply online. An API link will connect your software to Floriday. The realisation of this link by your software supplier takes place with assistance by Floriday. On our website, you will find more information about the link with Floriday and the different grower software packages.


What does this link mean exactly?

Every software supplier will decide which Floriday modules they will link with. This differs per software supplier. A software supplier can choose to offer the catalogue, direct sales from the catalogue, direct sales with batches, sales orders, delivery to external stock, selling at the clock and delivery & settlement all in his software. In this case, you can handle all your daily trading and work completely through your software. The software supplier can also choose to only offer direct sales from the catalogue and selling at the clock in his software. In this case, the entire commercial process is carried out through the screens of Floriday.


What is the status of my software supplier?

We have had conversations with almost all software suppliers who are working on realisation to decide which modules will be developed and eventually linked with Floriday. During these contacts, the planning of the implementation to customers was discussed. A number of software suppliers have tested the first version of their link with growers and are ready to continue the implementation. See the status overview on our website to discover which modules the software suppliers will support and when they will be ready to implement the link with Floriday.


Which functionality does Floriday offer in the screens?

At the moment, a grower can sell his flowers or plants through selling at the clock, clock presale and direct sales. We are still developing a clock delivery. At this moment, 80 growers are testing this, and we are continuing to optimize everything. From mid-April it will be possible as a grower to fully make use of Floriday for creation of a clock delivery and settling direct sales.


How far along are my fellow growers?

Twenty fellow growers in flowers and plants are working hard to introduce (at least 1 customer) to 100% Digital before 1 July. We would love to grant you some insight into their experiences and choices. Which modules are linked to their software systems? Or are they exclusively working in Floriday? Take a look at the choices of these 21 growers on our website soon.


More information

  • Would you like to know more about what 100% Digital means exactly? You can find more information and frequently asked question regarding the link between Floriday and software packages on this information page.
  • Do you have more questions about the status of your software supplier? If so, please contact your software supplier.
  • Do you have specific questions about 100% Digital? Then you can contact the Floriday experts. Fill in the contact form.

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