Ordering via Floriday or the existing channels

No software of your own? Order via Floriday or existing channels

Work directly in the screens of the buyer section of Floriday to see the supply and place orders. You can also still use the existing channels FloraXchange and FloraMondo.

Ordering via the Floriday screens

Floriday offers a number of useful functionalities which you as a buyer can easily and quickly use for doing business online and placing orders with growers.

  • Direct purchasing: Place orders directly on Floriday's screens. Read more
  • Purchasing dashboard: Enter your orders manually or upload an Excel file and place your orders by matching them with the purchase dashboard. Read more
  • Contract trade: Call on pre-existing contracts with growers. Read more
  • Purchase tip: You can use the "purchase tip" as a buyer for fast response to an offer from a grower.

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