Posted on 20 October 2020
by Joyce van Galen

Actively approach your customers for “My Shop”

In September, Floriday launched “My Store” for growers and “Direct Purchasing” for buyers. These functionalities are particularly suitable for growers and buyers who intend to work via the Floriday screens. Jantine van den Berg-Scheffers of Persoon Potplanten has recently gained experience in working with these screens and how to use them to the benefit of your company.

  • The Floriday store provides growers with the opportunity to give their regular direct trade buyers quick access to their supply. Once the store is activated, growers can also send Purchasing tips.
  • Direct Purchasing provides buyers with the opportunity to purchase directly from growers’ stores. Furthermore, buyers can quickly respond to Purchasing tips through Floriday.

Options for phone orders

Jantine van den Berg-Scheffers is in charge of sales at Persoon Potplanten. She has worked with Floriday for almost two years now. Jantine recently activated the Persoon Potplanten shop to offer their buyers the option to purchase through Floriday.  ‘When I heard that the store also facilitated easy sending of Purchasing tips, I saw opportunities for road carriers that we work with, for example, and all the customers who still order by phone or e-mail.’


Buyers informed via e-mail

As the supply of Persoon Potplanten was already properly listed in the Floriday catalogue, all they had to do was activate the shop with one click. ‘Once we had activated our shop, I e-mailed all the buyers who order via e-mail or over the phone. Various buyers immediately responded by “following” us on Floriday and are now taking the necessary steps to place their orders via “My Shop”.’


“Actively approach your buyers”

Jantine of Persoon Potplanten expects that an active store will lead to fewer phone and e-mail orders. ‘The majority of the buyers we informed have responded positively. There are also a number of buyers for whom it will take some getting used to, but I do believe that it will all work out. Most definitely so if as a sector, we have to order 100% Digital.’ Jantine has the following advice for growers: ‘Actively approach your customers so you know where they stand in the process and you will not be faced with surprises.’


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