Posted on 29 July 2020
by Diede Barendse

Floriday Celebrates API-Link Progress With Olsthoorn, GreenMaster, FreshPortal and Florinet

All direct orders must be placed 100% digitally through Floriday by the end of this year. This is a major goal that is being worked on in a variety of different ways by the software providers who develop grower software. They are working hard to prepare their software packages to link with Floriday through an API link, which deserves some appreciation. Floriday therefore recently organised a little celebration with Olsthoorn, 9knots, FreshPortal and Florinet. Read more in this update.

Olsthoorn Automatisering
This company’s expertise has served a large group of customers in the floriculture industry for more than 20 years. Leo Olsthoorn comes from a family of growers and speaks his customers’ language. The API link to Floriday will allow growers to continue to work in Olsthoorn’s package and meet the requirements of 100% Digital. Developers at Olsthoorn Automatisering are working hard to build and establish the API link and were the first to deliver the direct-delivery module! Potplantenkwekerij T. Olsthoorn en Zn. is the first grower to use it. A nice moment to raise a glass with Floriday! Olsthoorn has linked the first version of the following modules:
• Direct delivery
• Sales orders

GreenMaster - 9Knots
GreenMaster, developed by 9Knots, is an all-round cloud package for growers that also allows them to organise matters like cultivation administration, stock management, relationship management and ancillary administrative tasks. GreenMaster is definitely on the right track. They have linked the first grower - Pieter Kolk from Aalsmeer - to Floriday through GreenMaster. This means that the supply and the order processing in their software package communicates with Floriday wherever necessary. We are very pleased to see the progress of the API link. Cause for celebration, obviously! 9Knots currently has the following modules linked:
• Catalogue
• Direct sales lots
• Sales orders

FreshPortal focuses on various companies in the floriculture industry with cloud-based ERP solutions. They operate in more than 36 countries and have more than 3,500 end users. FreshPortal is also on schedule with regard to the Floriday link and is working hard on the seamless integration of Floriday in all their systems. The hard work is paying off. FreshPortal announced in November last year that the first modules were set to go live at nursery WB Gerbera. In the meantime, they have further developed the API link for their growers. FreshPortal was the first to support direct sales lots and clock delivery. FreshPortal has linked the following modules:
• Catalogue
• Direct sales lots
• Sales orders
• Clock delivery
More than enough reason to toast to these wonderful developments!

Florinet is also a fully cloud-based ERP software product that many growers in the floriculture industry use. Florinet offers many links to other software systems, so that a large part of the grower processes can be automated. Last year, the company worked on the API link and the modules that are linked to Floriday. Florinet was the first to link to Helvoort Chrysanten for the external stock module, which allows their customers to use RFH’s Fulfillment service. And so we raised a glass with Florinet, too.
Florinet has linked the following modules:
• Catalogue
• Direct sales lots
• Sales orders
• External stock

Software Provider Progress
Olsthoorn, 9Knots, FreshPortal and Florinet are not the only software providers working hard to develop the API link, of course. In the coming period, we will visit other software providers and celebrate our partnerships with them and their hard work of the past months, too. Keep an eye on our website for updates!

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