Posted on 12 February 2020
by Joyce van Galen

Growers and customers working together with Floriday

Waterdrinker recently organised an information session for a number of their buyers and suppliers about Floriday. Waterdrinker held this workshop to highlight the importance of digital trading for their growers and how they can use Floriday for this purpose. Watch the video.

The room was full of enthusiastic growers and buyers who wanted to know more about what 100% Digital will mean for them, and how they can use Floriday to this end. Floriday experts guided participants step by step through the platform. Waterdrinker also indicated which information and specifications they consider important for the grower to provide when adding their supply. In addition, the buyers were shown the new buyer dashboard - a space where their orders can be matched with the supply information of growers and where orders can be placed.

Together towards 100% Digital

The floriculture industry is digitising; step by step, we are working towards 100% Digital. Mutual understanding between the grower and the customer is essential in this respect. Naturally, 100% Digital also presents some challenges: “The challenge of working digitally lies with the information being entered correctly at the source (the producer, eds.). If something goes wrong there, you’ll see throughout the entire digitisation chain that a problem early on will only get bigger at the end of the process.” (Richard van der Meer, Senior purchaser, tree nursery, at Waterdrinker). “It is good to discuss and explain these kinds of challenges both from the perspective of the grower and the customer. We had ample opportunity for this during the workshop.”

“Since we've started working with Floriday, it's been easier and faster for our customers to keep track of the supply. It saves a lot of telephone communication if the supply is always listed correctly in Floriday. In addition, customers are increasingly ordering through Floriday, so we can see the effects directly in our sales, too. We did not know everything about Floriday yet, but during this workshop at Waterdrinker in Aalsmeer we were able to deepen our knowledge. I think we learned a lot, and we can now make better use of Floriday. (Jurre Beune, sales, Snepvangers Tuinplanten)”


Floriday supports growers and customers in processing all orders digitally in 2020, either through the Floriday interface or through a link with Floriday. Workshops for growers and customers, such as the one at Waterdrinker, will be organised more often this year.

In addition, weekly workshops for growers are organised in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. Would you like to learn all about Floriday? Sign up for a workshop, without any obligation. Would you like to organise a workshop at your own location? Please send an email to, and we will contact you!

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