Posted on 30 July 2020
by Martine Kester

New in Floriday: Option to correct direct orders and contract trade testing

Growers have the option to conduct their sales through their own software package or to use the Floriday screens for this. We are working hard on the link with software packages as well as on (new) Floriday screen functionalities. With this news item, we are giving you an update on the progress of direct orders, contract trade and sales opportunities at the Eelde location.

Creating and processing direct orders through Floriday

It is also possible to offer lots on the Floriday screens to buyers who purchase from FloraMondo or FloraXchange. An increasing number of buyers are also buying directly on Floriday. You can also process your direct orders in Floriday by creating and sending the Connect-EAB or EKT. A large number of growers were still waiting for the option to correct or cancel their orders. That’s possible as well now! The total processing of direct orders is now possible in the platform.

Do you want to know how to offer direct lots in Floriday? Watch this extensive instructional video or read the explanation page:

Contract trade testing

Many growers who conduct direct trade with growers do so on a contractual basis. Floriday is developing a functionality for this. This is very important to enable growers and buyers to work according to 100% Digital for their contract trade, too. This functionality makes it possible to conclude a contract with a buyer through Floriday; the contract is entered with the specifications discussed in order to handle the settlement and the buyer confirms it via Floriday. The buyer also has the option to draw up a contract. After confirmation, buyers can call on this contract. As a grower, you can also call on and handle the desired quantity for a certain period.

The conclusion of the contract is only visible to the grower and the buyer who have drawn up the contract. The data in the contract is not accessible to third parties, not even Royal FloraHolland. In short, that which is agreed between a grower and a buyer remains between the grower and buyer. This information only ends up in the Royal FloraHolland databases once a transaction has taken place.

The first tests were conducted with growers and buyers this week. Would you like to use this function already? Let us know at and we will get in touch.

Watch a short video about the contract function in Floriday below.
On our website we have explained exactly how this will work. Click here for more information.

Clock presales and Clock service for Eelde 

In addition to the other Royal FloraHolland locations, it is also possible to offer flowers and plants for Clock Presales in Eelde via Floriday. In addition, growers and buyers who use the Clock Service in Eelde (commercial mediation) can now also arrange this via Floriday and invite the relevant Eelde employee to sell and buy on behalf of the grower or buyer.
Want to know more about the possibilities for Eelde? Please contact the Floriday Support Team.

Would you like more information?

Our support team is there to answer your questions every day. Get in touch via the chat in Floriday, e-mail ( and telephone (+31 (0)174 - 352070).

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