Posted on 26 October 2020
by Diede Barendse

Six Reasons to Sign Up for Flori2days Now!

The online event, Flori2days, will take place on 4 and 5 November. During the event, buyers and growers will get to know Floriday (even) better, and after following a few short and interesting workshops, you can get down to business right away! In this article, we give you six reasons not to miss Flori2days.

The deadline for 100% Digital is fast approaching; the time to start working with Floriday is now.
The end of the 2020 is almost in sight. The countdown to 100% Digital has begun. The Flori2days event will give you targeted information so that you can start working 100% Digital in Floriday immediately. Don’t wait until the very last week of the year to prepare, but take that step right now! If you start preparing now, you have the next few weeks to ask our support team all questions you like.

The registrations are flowing in - It’s too good to miss!
It appears that the Flori2days event is being organised at just the right time, judging from the number of people who have registered. Some workshops are already fully booked. Reason enough to sign up for the event today! Tip: If you sign up now for 5 November, you can still participate in all workshops back to back.

You schedule your own time - program Flori2days
Sometimes, when you sign up for an event, it is “mandatory” to be present all day. With Flori2days, you schedule your own time: you decide in what and when you participate. We have interesting workshops for growers and buyers concerning various functionalities, such as contract trade, clock delivery, My Shop, lot prices, the purchasing dashboard and much more! You will find the entire programme on, where you can also register and schedule your day.

Gain new insights and commercial opportunities
You are guaranteed new insights and inspiration with the varied programme of interesting workshops. Maybe you think that certain applications, such as Insights or Hortiheat, are of no interest to your company, but they can actually offer you lots of new commercial opportunities. Let Flori2days inspire you!

Corona proof, because it’s all ‘online’
Last year, it was possible to meet with each other at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer. Unfortunately, this year the fair could not take place due to corona. With Flori2days as an online alternative, we can give targeted information to growers and buyers while everyone maintains a safe distance. You will find inspiration and gain knowledge that you can put into practice immediately.

It’s free!
That’s right, Flori2days is completely free of charge. It won’t cost you a cent! All you need to do is register, check that you have received the e-mail with the link and you’re ready to take part. That’s it! So, bring all your colleagues, business relations and everyone else with whom you’re going to be working 100% Digital.

People are registering en masse! Many growers and buyers have already registered and booked their virtual seats. Have we convinced you? Sign up today for the event Flori2days through See you soon!

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