Posted on 11 November 2020
by Diede Barendse

Software providers PlantsOnCloud connects nursery Gemaflor to Floriday

Just like many other software providers, PlantsOnCloud is working hard to ensure that their software package is connected to Floriday by the end of this year. At this moment, PlantsOnCloud is working on the connection between the various Floriday modules and making this available to various growers, such as nursery Gemaflor. In this update, both parties will tell you more about the API connection, the benefits and the approach.

Rose Vandersteene from PlantsOnCloud will tell you more about the software package and the thoughts behind it: “The software package PlantsOnCloud offers growers support for their entire administration and workflow during the sale of products. When expanding the functionalities, we always keep one goal in mind, namely that there must be only one source for the data that is shared with other software. For 100% Digital and working with Floriday this means that the buyer submits his order digitally and this is digitally processed in PlantsOnCloud without any manual intervention. The grower offers his assortment and prices digitally, to allow the buyer to process this digitally, which minimises the error margin.”

“Reading a lot of documentation and testing with growers”
In the old situation, PlantsOnCloud exported the catalogue to FloraXchange. In the new situation they wanted to make this a reality with Floriday as soon as possible. Many growers of PlantsOnCloud still use AntEater. Since this company will cease their service by the end of this year, it is important to get down to business with the supply through the clock or through direct sales, so that we can offer this to those growers.

The approach that PlantsOnCloud is taking with regards to the API connection includes consulting a lot of documentation, extensive testing with the system, and gathering feedback from growers that are participating in the tests. The catalogue of growers was based on the rules and regulations within the VBN. This made it relatively simple for PlantsOnCloud to export the products to Floriday through the offered API’s. From PlantsOnCloud, the assigned price will be sent per customer as weekly catalogue offer. At this moment, PlantsOnCloud is implementing the clock supply. “This is going really well, and as soon as it is completely done, we will start the implementation of the orders,” says PlantsOnCloud.

Roll-out at nursery Gemaflor
PlantsOnCloud has started the roll-out at Gemaflor, a nursery for potted plants. During the testing phase, Gemaflor provided PlantsOnCloud with a lot of feedback when the catalogue was exported to Floriday. For Gemaflor, not much is changing. “With our software from PlantsOnCloud, we can export everything to Floriday with just a few clicks of the mouse, knowing that we can achieve a lot in the direction of other customers through Floriday. Luckily, we have not experienced a lot of discomfort during the testing phase. In addition, we have good cooperation with PlantsOnCloud and it seems that the cooperation between PlantsOnCloud and Floriday is really good as well.”

Gemaflor is very positive about the current approach: “Compared to how it used to be, there are a lot less errors, because we do not have to input the orders ourselves. They are imported automatically. This saves a lot of time. The internal logistics become so much easier and clearer, and the briefing to our staff is well organised. We can focus on growing the plants. This is possible thanks to PlantsOnCloud and the API connection. When there are settings that have to be adjusted, PlantsOnCloud deals with it. They take responsibility for this and that is so nice!” says Gemaflor.”

In the meantime, there are two other growers that also started participating in the roll-out. They have a very busy Christmas period ahead of them, during which they will use the connection a lot. PlantsOnCloud is hoping to receive enough feedback from them, so they can capitalise on this.

Expectations for the foreseeable future
PlantsOnCloud hopes to have a stable version, on both sides of the process, in other words for both supply, clock and mediation. “2021 is fast approaching. Thanks to Floriday, we have access to both the Belgian as well as the international orders, and we are able to chart the entire workflow and statistics for the grower. We are very excited about the possibilities that Floriday offers, to integrate not only the Belgian orders, but also the international orders seamlessly into PlantsOnCloud. For the time being, that is our ultimate goal. Of course, this is subject to change as soon as other questions/needs arise from our users.”

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