Posted on 31 August 2020
by Daniëlle van der Peet

New: Start your own store in Floriday and increase your sales opportunities

Floriday is launching a new functionality for growers: My Store. This functionality provides growers the opportunity to activate their own store and give their regular direct trade buyers access to their supply. All orders placed by a buyer in the grower's store are 100% Digital. For the grower and the buyer this is an easy step towards 100% Digital trading.

What is ‘My Store’?
‘My store’ offers growers the opportunity to bring their entire assortment and supply directly to the buyers' attention. Buyers viewing the grower's store will only see the prices and quantities that are applicable to them. Growers can present their assortment in a professional format, by creating collections, for instance, and adding pictures, including their own logo. Growers can also have direct insight into which buyers have viewed the store. Growers with an active store are also more likely to be seen by buyers than growers without an active store.

Charging transport costs
With the current way of selling, growers are often confronted with the fact that smaller orders lead to relatively high transport costs. The store offers growers the possibility to charge transport costs when an order is placed. Buyers have insight into these charges when they buy via the Floriday screens. 'My store' also offers the possibility to add other services, such as a sticker, sleeves or special handling of the product. This allows growers to provide buyers with customised solutions, and growers can use this to distinguish themselves.

Sending a purchasing tip
In order to facilitate the progress to 100% Digital for growers and buyers, it is also possible to send a purchasing tip when the store is activated. The grower defines a limited special offer and sends it to one or more buyers. Buyers receive a notification and have 3 hours to respond to the offer.

How to activate the store?

  1. Log on to Floriday
  2. Go to ‘My store’ in the menu and activate the store. 
  3. Follow the steps to make your store active and invite buyers to follow you.
  4. You are ready to sell

Additional information:

  • All information for growers about ‘My Store’ can be found on this website
  • If you have any questions about ‘My store’, please contact the support team via or call +31(0)174-352070.
  • Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter and stay informed about ‘My store’ and other Floriday news. 

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