Posted on 3 September 2020
by Diede Barendse

This is how Jac Oudijk & Hilverda De Boer are preparing for 100% Digital

Growers and buyers, including gerbera nursery Jac Oudijk and exporter Hilverda De Boer, are preparing for 100% Digital and working hard on the developments involved. Last week, Hilverda De Boer, co-founder of Blueroots, was the first buyer to successfully place an order with Jac Oudijk, using an API link through Floriday.

With this fully digital transaction, the buyer link for Floriday was tested in practice. The success of this test was an important milestone for the 100% Digital programme. In this video, they explain what 100% Digital means for their companies specifically, which benefits they experience, and how they feel about the importance of digitisation and data. Watch the story here:


More personal contact through digitisation

We often hear from growers and buyers that they are afraid of losing personal contact. Yet, in the video, you will see that personal contact can be intensified through digital business. Indeed, it leaves more time for long-term planning and building business relationships. The contact is less about small mistakes, and quick orders being placed over the phone or via the app, because digitisation reduces the chance of mistakes occurring. For both Hilverda De Boer and Jac Oudijk, this is the greatest advantage of 100% Digital. In addition, Jac Oudijk sees the advantage of working in one system and having the supply in one place.

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