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Floriday is the digital platform of choice for growers that enables them to manage their catalogue, offerings and orders. With Floriday growers can serve various sales channels, including FloraXchange and FloraMondo. By facilitating the right services through one single platform, we want to make the ornamental horticulture sector more accessible and less complex. Our state-of-the-art digital infrastructure facilitates the necessary innovation picking up speed.


Growers are able to manage their offerings, orders and logistics from the Floriday dashboard. One major advantage of Floriday is that growers only need to log in on one single digital platform to serve multiple sales channels, such as FloraXchange and FloraMondo.


With the arrival of Floriday, buyers will not notice many immediate changes, because the buyers will continue to use FloraXchange and FloraMondo. Following the arrival of Floriday, the (digital) communication between grower and exporter will be enhanced. Also, there will be an active focus on integration with the horticultural software through a so-called API. This combination (API and online facilities) will ensure that a lot of information can be exchanged between exporter and grower. Additionally, buyers will be able to start their own retail channel within Floriday.

Software vendors

Floriday is a digital platform that we want to connect with the available horticultural software. The goal is that all daily operations taking place within the platform are also offered through a so-called API. Growers who have already digitised very well a particular process in their own business, need not then fill in this information twice.

Logistics service providers

Floriday facilitates the trade of flowers and plants. In the short term, it will also enable logistics service providers to offer their services, allowing this way the transportation of flowers and plants directly from nursery to the buyers.

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