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Floriday rates

With a Royal FloraHolland purchasing number, you can use Floriday's screens free of charge. Are you working with a link from your own package or are you going to work with the additional portal for exporters? Then additional fees will be charged. The rates below are applicable for 2024.

To use Floriday in conjunction with a software package, you can link through the VMP and/or API. The following charges apply:

  • VMP link: €90,00 per month (per link)
  • API link: €90,00 per month (per link)

Read more about the difference between Floriday's screens, VMP connection and API connection

If you want to offer your customer the option of purchasing through Floriday, you can use the Exporter portal. The following charges apply for this:

  • €15.00 per active* end customer per month
    • Up to a maximum of €5,000 per year and 75 end customers
  • €10,000 per year with unlimited number of end customers

*Active means that an end customer has logged in at least once a month. If the end customer has not logged in, no fees will be charged.

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