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Getting Started with Floriday

Floriday gives you, as a buyer, direct access to the most up-to-date supply of flowers and plants from domestic and international growers. Floriday is your one-stop shop, where you can do all your business.

As a buyer, you can work in the Floriday screens to order directly from the online supply. This purchasing method is available to anyone with a Royal FloraHolland Buyer Number. If you are not a Royal FloraHolland customer yet, read more here.

If you wish to (continue) using your own software package, then you can purchase through a VMP or API link.

The 2022 rates below apply. This relates to annual rates. You can see per package what the corresponding functions and support options are. Slide to the right to see all the packages (If you’d like to make the screen slightly smaller to be able to see the schedule, you can zoom out through the settings (three dots) at the top right).

If you would you like to know more about what the various functions entail, please read more under our solutions.

Sign up for screens Sign up for one of the VMP or API links? Request link
VMP FloraMondo
VMP FloraXchange***
API Light
Blueroots API
Floriday API
Fixed costs per year* Free €342 €1.000 €2.500 €6.000** / 8.000 €10.000
Clock delivery & clock presales (FloraMondo screens)

You can view all the clock supply and buy your Clock Presales through the FloraMondo screens.

Direct trade flowers via Floriday

Using direct purchasing, you can place an order digitally on the supply that growers have in their Floriday store.

Direct trade plants via Floriday

Using direct purchasing, you can place an order digitally on the supply that growers have in their Floriday store.

Select buying

Floriday allows growers to deliver from an external stock. For example, as a buyer you can purchase from stock from your own or an external warehouse.


In Floriday, you have the option of having logistics and/or customer-specific labels sent to the grower with your digital order. The grower prints these labels through Floriday and attaches them to the product ordered

Digital complaint management (in development)

We will facilitate the interaction between buyer and grower with the digital complaint handling function.

Purchasing dashboard (Sending Florecom messages)

Florecom messages can be sent to Floriday. If the order entered digitally does not match the supply lines the growers have placed in Floriday, you can match them by means of the purchasing dashboard.

Cost of load carriers and packaging
Track & Tracing (in development)

You can follow your purchased products through Track & Tracing. This function is scheduled to be added in 2022.

Order status

The status of the order is available at a glance.

Commitments and calls on contracts

You can record supply agreements using the ‘contract trade’ functionality. This way, you can call on the offer of the growers at the desired time.

VMP connection with own software

You can retrieve supply from Floriday through the VMP link.

API connection with own software

The API link retrieves the supply in real time from orders, on which you can place your orders.

Light Access

With light Access, you have the opportunity to do business with growers who are not Royal FloraHolland members or suppliers.

Payments in Euro's
Multi Currency (in development)

The option to process transactions in multiple currencies is under development.

Delivery RFH location
Service & support
Telephone support during office hours

Available from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00 (CET)

Online helpcenter

You will find all the information you need to be able to use Floriday in the Floriday help centre.

Access to Workshops and Webinars

Floriday offers you the option of registering for various workshops and webinars.

24/7 support in case of emergency
Re-calling orders
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA describes the best efforts obligation(s), and lays down the quality requirements for the service provision. This document is submitted when first linking with the Blueroots API and/or the Floriday API

Individual guidance from Floriday Expert

* Excl. clock transaction fees & service fees direct RFH ** If already affiliated with Blueroots
*** Do you currently use a FloraXchange connection, Business or Business + package and do you want to switch to one of the API connection? If so, you will only pay for the chosen API package.
The attached rates apply to 2022. All rates are reviewed annually. You will be informed of any changes in a timely manner.
Current functionality through existing VMP links FMO/FX will continue to be supported for the time being.




If you do not have your own software package, you can work direct in the Floriday screen. Floriday gives you access to all the functionality you need to organise your purchasing. You are also assured that you will always have access to the latest options and improvements in Floriday. Would you like to get started in the Floriday screen? Then create an account now! (Clock Supply and Clock Presales supply can be found in the FloraMondo screens. This is free of charge.)


VMP Connection:

Many people currently use VMP connection. You can also still just make a connection and place orders using the VMP connection with FloraMondo or FloraXchange.  

  • VMP FloraMondo*:
    Do you currently use a VMP (webshop) connection between FloraMondo and your own software package? If so, you can continue to do this for now under the same conditions, at the same rates and with same functionalities. By placing your orders on the supply in FloraMondo, you will be working digitally. Would you like to use the VMP connection or have you got any questions about this? Please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • VMP FloraXchange*:
    Do you currently use a VMP connection between FloraXchange and your own software package? If so, you can continue to do this for now under the same conditions, at the same rates and with same functionalities. By placing your orders on the supply in FloraMondo, you will be working digitally. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


*The VMP connection is not future-proof. The VMP does not offer all the advantages that the API link offers. For this reason, this connection will be phased out in due course. You will be informed of the details in a timely manner.



The API connection is the most reliable and future-proof way to retrieve supply from Floriday and place orders digitally in real time. The connection enables you to immediately reap the benefits of the new functionalities and all the digital options.

There are two fully-functional API links to choose from: the Blueroots API and the Floriday API. A Light version is available at a lower rate. Would you like to switch to the future-proof API now? Please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • API light: The API Light connection makes it possible to switch to the latest technology at a reduced rate. It supports all the basic functions you need to organise purchasing through your own software package.
  • API Blueroots: The Blueroots API provides access to all the functionalities offered in Floriday, including the contact module, 24/7 support and light access.  Blueroots members connect their software to Floriday using the Blueroots API. If you are already a Blueroots shareholder, then you pay a rate of €6,000 per annum.
  • API Floriday: With Floriday API, you also have access to all the functionalities offered in Floriday. Buyers who are not Blueroots members, connect their software using the Floriday API.

The main difference between these two APIs is that the Blueroots API returns more data to growers than the Floriday API. For the rest, the APIs offer the same supply and ordering options.

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