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About Floriday

Floriday is the digital platform for floriculture with which we want to make trade grow and become simpler. With Floriday, we are making the floriculture sector more accessible by providing a single international platform where growers, buyers, service providers and software suppliers come together. An online platform with convenient features and additional services that allow you to conduct business easily and efficiently. It is possible to work both directly in the web version of Floriday or to link the software/ERP systems you use with Floriday.

With Floriday, you have access to the largest global online marketplace for flowers and plants in the world. The platform has over 5,000 growers and buyers and users from 45 countries. Via Floriday, trading can be done through various channels such as direct transactions, auction purchasing and sales or clock pre-sales.

Floriday was developed for growers, buyers, agents and software suppliers within the floriculture industry.

  • With Floriday you have access to the largest global online marketplace for flowers and plants.The platform has over 5,000 growers and buyers and has users from 45 different countries. Via Floriday, trading can be done through various channels such as direct transactions, auction purchasing and sales or clock pre-sales.
  • Floriday offers convenient features to make it easy and efficient to work and do business. This allows growers to easily manage their stock, supply and orders in one place and provides buyers with real-time information with correct supply. Convenient features, shortcuts, preferences, and offer and promotion functions ensure that business can be conducted in a pleasant and efficient manner.
  • Floriday helps you with additional services such as market insight, logistics fulfilment and financial payment services. Through Floriday you can easily use additional RFH logistics services such as stock and order picking, and handy apps offer you insight into price and market developments that help you determine your sales strategy.

Floriday has a web version where all functions can be accessed. This web version is accessible to members, growers or buyers registered with Royal FloraHolland. In addition, as a grower or buyer you have the possibility to link your (own) ERP package/software package to Floriday. You then work from the software package, but use the functionalities of Floriday. Depending on the software vendor, Floriday modules are linked to the software package. Check this page for more information and the modules that software suppliers have linked for growers and buyers.

You can apply at:

You can create an account using the "Start with Floriday" banner on MyRFH. Don't have a Royal FloraHolland number yet? Then register first with Royal FloraHolland as a grower or buyer.

Floriday is constantly evolving with new features that help growers and buyers do business even more efficiently and easily. We do this in co-creation with growers and buyers using ideation sessions. These are sessions where we think about and test suitable features together with users. In addition, as a Floriday user, you can submit wishes on the Floriday roadmap (growers - buyers) or cast your vote on wishes already posted.

The functions in FloraMondo and FloraXchange will transfer to Floriday. This means that eventually FloraMondo and FloraXchange will be phased out for growers and buyers. This will not happen until Floriday is a fully-fledged alternative to the features that growers and buyers are now accustomed to in Floriday. FloraMondo and FloraXchange will notify users well in advance when the following features will be transferred to Floriday.


Anyone who is a member-leader or leader at Royal FloraHolland can use Floriday for free. Every member-leader or leader of Royal FloraHolland with an active administration number can sign up for a Floriday account - at no additional cost. Not yet a Royal FloraHolland member? Register here.


Buyers can work in the web version of Floriday for free. This way of purchasing is accessible to anyone with a Royal FloraHolland buyer number. Are you not yet a customer of Royal FloraHolland? Then register first.
If you want to link your own software package to Floriday, you can use a VMP or API link. An annual fee is charged for this. View the associated features and support options for each package.

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An ERP (software system) provides a solution to support the core functions of a grower, buyer or agent. From financial administration to cash planning. And from procurement to payroll processing. Most ERP systems also offer links to buyers so that supply, orders and deliveries can be processed automatically. See what software suppliers are active in the floriculture industry for growers and buyers.

With Floriday, you add commercial functions to your ERP system. At the same time, you get access to a large global marketplace and have the assurance that you can always trade - even if your ERP system is unavailable!

Yes, Floriday offers commercial features and links with sales systems. An ERP system contains many features that Floriday does not and will not have. So Floriday does not replace your ERP system!

Floriday has no plans to add more features that are also already present in an ERP system. Indeed, the focus is on providing a platform for the entire industry and offering rich commercial functions for you as a grower or buyer. Check out the roadmap for future features. (growers) (buyers)

Buyers can also link directly to Floriday and bring in the supply from you as a grower.

With this, the buyer not only gets a very efficient process, but also some additional benefits:

  • Up-to-date and reliable supply
  • Easily connect to the complete supply in Floriday
  • Savings on logistics for small orders
  • Reliable grower and product information
  • Secure and reliable payment and transaction system

View the total overview of all the benefits of linking via the API here. Do you have questions or want to discuss what the possibilities are for your organisation? Contact us.


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Malfunctions & support

In the Floriday help centre, you will find explanations for each function in Floriday using a step-by-step plan or tutorial video.

In addition, you can sign up for our online workshops to get more step-by-step explanations about Floriday. You can also ask your questions in the chat here.

Our support team is available daily to explain features in clear language. You can reach them at 0174-352070 or at You can also ask your question through the chat in the platform. Our Floriday experts are also happy to come to you and explain. Sign up here and we'll be in touch for an appointment.

Are you experiencing problems using Floriday? Then contact our support department. We are available to you 24/7. Tel: 0174-352070. Or use the chat function, which can be accessed via the icon at the top right of your screen. View the disruptions page for the current status of an outage.

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At Floriday, we think it's important that your account is well protected. Therefore, all passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • The password must consist of at least 8 characters
  • The password must contain at least 1 capital letter
  • The password must contain at least 1 lowercase letter
  • At least 1 digit must be used in the password
  • At least 1 symbol must be used in the password
  • The password must not contain any words that also appear in the username

To use Floriday, a login is required. Signing up is easy at

  • Do you have an account on FloraXchange? Go to FloraXchange and from there get linked to Floriday. FloraXchange will then immediately ensure that your catalogue is carried over into Floriday.
  • If you don't have a FloraXchange account and are a member/manager at Royal FloraHolland, you can apply via MyRFH. Click on the banner "Start using Floriday.
  • Are you not a member or leader at Royal FloraHolland? Then register first as a grower or buyer.
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Buyers can only see information from growers if the grower himself has opened it up. Similarly, the definition of contracts in Floriday is only transparent to the grower and buyer who recorded it. View Floriday's Data Policy for further information on "handling data" and "measures".

We handle your data with integrity and confidentiality on Floriday, which is ensured by transparent and verifiable policies. The sharing of data is necessary for the service provision of Royal FloraHolland, for example for handling orders, financial processing, logistics activities and making corrections. With respect to entrusted data, Floriday users have access to their own data at all times. Access to data is limited to employees who must have access to it by virtue of their position, such as the Floriday support team to handle inquiries. Technical measures have been taken to regulate access to systems: authentication (is the person who wants access really the person they say they are) and authorisation (what are you allowed to do as a user within an environment).And in addition, procedural measures are in place how changes are made to IT systems.

In addition, Royal FloraHolland and Floriday comply with applicable laws and regulations for privacy, competition and data security. In doing so, integrity and confidentiality are paramount and we can demonstrate this at all times. View our data policy online.

The grower's personal data is well protected - in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since May 25, 2018. Royal FloraHolland monitors compliance with these regulations. In this PDF you will find a complete overview of all principles in the information and data policy of Royal FloraHolland.

Communications between your system and Floriday are well protected - so others can't access or change your data. Floriday uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure data during transport. Among other things, TLS ensures that data cannot be changed along the way. TLS technology is extremely secure - it is also used in online banking, for example. As a user, you will notice little of this. It is important, however, that your operating system and web browser are updated to the latest versions so that TLS 1.2 is supported. Only then is your data safe during transport!


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