Linking software package to Floriday

Floriday offers the possibility to link your software package or application in the floriculture industry to Floriday thanks to the Floriday API link for growers and buyers and Blueroots API link for buyers. Read more about the possibilities.

Linking benefits with Floriday

Floriday is the digital platform for the floriculture industry where growers can offer their products and buyers can purchase. There are many ERP software packages and applications in the floriculture industry that growers and buyers are currently working with. Thanks to the API link, you can link your software package to Floriday. The growers and buyers who use your package can continue to work as they used to.

How do I connect?

Floriday uses the latest techniques to link ERP software packages so that they are future-proof, secure and stable. After registering through Floriday, you will receive a test account, access to all necessary documents and be kept directly informed by a Floriday expert. For questions, you can always contact Floriday's implementation experts.

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What functions are supported?

The following features are supported in the 2021.2 grower and buyer release:

Grower (Main release 2022.2 Supplier API)
Buyer (Main release 2022.2 Customer API)

A new release goes live every six months. Please note that there are subscription fees associated with using the API (for buyers).

Version control for software supplier

Floriday's API link releases a stable update twice a year in the form of the 'Main version' with new and/or improved features. Together with software suppliers, we work intensively to determine the updates and test them extensively. As a software supplier, you have the choice of linking your software package to the Main version or being involved early on in the developments in the Alpha and Beta versions.

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What features do software suppliers support?

For software suppliers we implement a set - based on API technology - of links which enable smart functionalities can be delivered that support your growers and buyers. On this page you will find an overview of the status per software supplier.

Overview software suppliers status growers
Overview software suppliers status buyers

By linking to Floriday, you can give your customers

Access to the largest floriculture platform

An easy way to do business with broad and international offerings

A stable and reliable API connection

Get in touch with a Floriday implementation expert

More information

Floriday in partnership with software suppliers

Wilfried Visser

Owner of VisserTek

"Don't be afraid of the changes with Floriday. Changes require getting used to and temporarily some extra effort, but everyone will soon start to enjoy the benefits. With the Floriday API link, we can finally provide our customers with powerful, well-organised and above all user-friendly software functionalities."

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