No service charge for orders via Floriday

Does the transaction take place entirely through Floriday? Then buyers will no longer be charged a service charge from 1 July 2023.

Buying digitally in Floriday is worthwhile!

With Floriday we are working on a future-proof marketplace for the floriculture industry. We want to make using this platform as attractive as possible. That's why, from 1 July 2023, as an incentive buyers will no longer be charged a service charge for every transaction made entirely via Floriday. So buying digitally via Floriday can save you money!

Do you buy via a software package?

If your software package is linked via Floriday's API or VMP, then your orders will go through Floriday and you will be eligible for the service levy discount. Want to know the status of your software supplier? Then contact your software supplier for the status.


Easy ordering

Saving on logistics and administration

Increased reliability to your customers

Buying digitally in or through Floriday makes it easy for you as a buyer to retrieve the complete supply and order on it for daily, term and contract trade. You also save on your logistics and administration through automatic invoice checking, automatic entry and approval. In addition, you can guarantee higher reliability for your customers through up-to-date insight into statuses: insight into order status, payment, stickering and delivery.

What must the transaction comply with?

For this, the transaction must meet the following conditions:

  • Floriday: in the screens, via the Floriday API link or Floriday VMP link
  • The grower handles the order through Floriday (and not through the Connect-EAB)

Purchasing by e-mail, Whatsapp, by phone, through a direct VMP/Florecom with grower or webshop, remains possible. These orders do remain subject to the service charge. The service charge also remains applicable in case of a direct order created by the grower.

More information about whether a transaction meets the requirements


Frequently asked questions

Ordering can be done through Floriday's screens (Direct Purchasing, Explorer, Purchasing Dashboard (Florecom), Standing Orders, Direct Bidding or Exporter portal) or through a software package linked to Floriday (Floriday API link, Floriday VMP link, FloraXchange VMP link, FloraMondo VMP link or Florecom (purchasing dashboard)). In addition, you can still order in the FloraMondo.

The elimination of the service charge is a measure to provide additional incentives for digital ordering. Buyers who order through Floriday experience a reduction in the time needed to buy and fewer error costs due to wrong orders. The elimination of the service charge is an additional benefit for buyers to encourage digital ordering through Floriday.

The removal of the service charge is an incentive towards buyers (and growers) to route all orders digitally via Floriday. It is still possible to have orders routed through other channels as well. The service charge, as buyers currently pay it, will then remain in place.

To place orders through Floriday using your own software package, a link (via API or VMP) with Floriday is required. View the current status of software vendors for growers or buyers. If you want to link your software package with Floriday, contact your software supplier for this.

With the service charge still applicable then, the volume discount is determined on the basis of the part of the transactions on which the service charge did apply.

On purchases on clock presale (clock purchases), buyers do not pay service charge.

If the grower creates a manual order in the Floriday screens, the service charge still applies to the buyer.

When you as a buyer place a standing order on a contract, no service charge is charged. When the grower places the standing order on a contract, the service charge does remain in force.

You only get a discount if you order in or through Floriday. To get a discount on the service charge, the grower must also handle the order in or through Floriday in addition. An order in or through a grower's webshop is not a direct order by a buyer in or through Floriday.

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