Defining contracts in Floriday

Do you have supply agreements with buyers? Record these agreements in Floriday with the contract feature, so all you or the buyer has to do is call on them.

Supply agreements with buyers

In the floriculture industry, a lot of work is done on the basis of supply agreements and contracts. In Floriday, you can record long-term agreements using the 'contract trade' function. The agreements you record in a contract then become customer-specific supply rules in Floriday that both grower and buyer can call on. This way you can easily capture long term trades digitally.


One-time recording of contracts

Simple call-off within the agreed bandwidth

All information within one system

Standing orders

Once you have established a contract with a buyer within Floriday, you can start placing standing orders on this contract. The buyer can place standing orders, but you can also do this yourself as a grower. It is also possible to call off variants of items listed in the contract.

Contracts with sub-suppliers

Do you use items from another grower's catalog? You can also capture these by using a contract with a sub-supplier.

Data Security

We treat your data with integrity and confidentiality at Floriday, and this is safeguarded by our data policy. The data you capture in contracts with buyers is also safeguarded. This data belongs to you and will not be used for purposes other than those described in our data policy.

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Floriday only facilitates the ability to create, modify and record supply agreements and contracts. For questions about composing contracts or issues of contract compliance, please refer to Royal FloraHolland's Order and Risk Advisors. You can contact us at

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