Auctioning on the clock via Floriday for growers

In Floriday, you can easily create a clock letter/clock delivery (auction EAB) to auction your flowers and plants on the auction clocks.

Auctioning on the clock in Floriday

In Floriday, you can easily offer your flowers or plants for auction clocks. You create a clock letter/clock delivery for this purpose. This is possible for the auction locations Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde, Veiling Rhein-Maas and Plantion. You can create a clock letter/clock delivery from your laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Quickly and easily create a clock letter/clock delivery

Before auctioning sell clock offerings with clock pre-sales

All the advantages of the clock digitally in Floriday

Clock pre-sales

With clock pre-sales in Floriday, you can sell clock offerings even before the auction. Clock pre-sales allow you to sell flowers or plants in small quantities, often at a better price than on the auction. With clock pre-sales, you give buyers complete flexibility and the ability to easily fine tune purchases. You use the same clock logistics, at the same logistics cost.

Simple from one screen

Your clock letter (also called auction letter or supply letter) is easy to create. You can do this easily and quickly from one screen. You have the ability to fill out your clock pre-sales right away and quickly add different characteristics. You can also print out multiple letters at once. You can easily edit or make corrections to the clock letter.

Do you only supply on the clock? In Floriday we have the clock mode, where you only see the functions of the clock.

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Kwekerij Chrywijk

'I would urge those who have not used the updated clock feature in Floriday: take a look at it, because a lot has been improved. If you dig into it a little bit, it's a nice simple program that anyone can work with.'

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