Direct purchasing for buyers in Floriday

Through direct purchasing, you can easily order flowers and plants from growers in real time, both nationally and internationally.

Direct trade

Do you buy your flowers or plants directly, through connect trade? Floriday offers different functions for day trading, weekly trading and futures trading. By making connections with growers and checking out their stores, you can see the available supply. The 'direct purchase' function allows you to quickly purchase on correct supply. Because you order directly on this supply, fewer errors are made in order processing. Floriday stands for 'buying is owning', where a buyer is guaranteed of his purchases.


Efficient ordering on real-time supply

Less chance of errors

Standardised information exchange

Direct purchasing on current and future supply

In Floriday, you can view and order short- and/or long-term flower and plant offerings from growers. In the grower's store, you will immediately see the complete range including prices and minimum order quantity. This does require that you have a connection with this grower. All prices you see are customer-specific and can be used as a price indication to your end customer. This allows you to order from growers in an efficient manner.

Purchasing through offers and purchasing tips

If a grower wants to make you an interesting offer, an offer or purchase tip can be sent for this purpose. You will receive a notification in the platform or a link in your email or WhatsApp, making it easy for you to order on this offer.

Overview of purchase orders

All purchase orders are recorded in Floriday, so you always have insight into what has been ordered in the past period and by whom the orders were placed. Financial fulfillment and data such as EAN codes and the Plant Passport are also clearly displayed per article. This way, you can see at a glance for all trade flows which orders have been placed through Floriday.

Selecting additional services

With additional services you can purchase extra add-ons to the product, such as sleeves, stickers and treatments. This way the grower can add this service directly and it will be delivered with the order.

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Casper van Iterson

Flower buyer at Hoek Group

"When I place an order on this supply, I generally get the EKT data within half an hour. And because I can be sure that the fresh flowers will be with me before 5 or 6 o'clock the next morning, I can then immediately put the product through for sale. This actually saves us 16 hours of sales time."

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