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What does the API connection offer?

The Floriday API connection allows buyers and growers to exchange a huge amount of data with each other. The API provides real-time and fast information so you have immediate clarity on orders. As a grower, you only need one API link to offer all your supply. Various direct links like with the VMP then become a thing of the past. Compared to other links like the VMP and Florecom, the Floriday API link is more scaleable, forward-looking and offers the most advantages.

With an API connection, you have all your commercial and logistics information complete in your own software package. The API bundles the different types of order messages that occur in this industry in one central place. This information is sent in a very targeted way, eliminating unnecessary data exchange and giving you a much better overview.

Benefits of selling via the Floriday API connection

Working in real time: fast & up-to-date

Always stable & secure, even with large volumes of data

New and expanded trading opportunities

Working in real time: fast & up-to-date

The API link gives you real-time stock and supply. Your information is sent in a targeted manner with one link. Due to the speed of the API, there is no delay in the supply visible to buyers; it is always up-to-date. Growers know exactly how many orders have been made because the supply counts down directly from the stock. Buyers therefore know exactly what is guaranteed to be available. This gives much more security and reliability with both growers and buyers.

Always stable & secure, even with large volumes of data

Through the API, larger amounts of information can be sent back and forth. This is done via a direct connection which allows for more speed, less noise and less chance of interference. Your data is encrypted and thus securely exchanged with your ERP system after your one-time consent via a Floriday API key. Moreover, you keep control over who has access to the data from Floriday.

New and expanded trading opportunities

The API link can be extended with new features that further support trading between growers and buyers. For example, you have the option of working with customised sticker information, certificates, call-outs on contracts, comprehensive photo information, complaint handling, customer codes, order status retrieval and, in the future, track & trace. Innovative solutions such as 360° photos can also be added.

Read further in the Helpcenter about API linking and compare the functionalities with those of the VMP.

Regular updates

If you are a grower working in a software package that is linked to Floriday, you will be offered new updates through the software supplier. This update will incorporate the functions which have been defined between Floriday and your software supplier. This way, you always have the latest trading opportunities.

Wondering which modules your software supplier supports?

See the overview

Combining screens is also possible

You don't have to work either only via the API link or only via the screens: you can also combine these and choose the working method that suits you and your company the best. This is also a good solution if your software supplier does offer the ability to link to the Floriday API, but does not support all the modules you need. Is your software supplier not listed here? The software supplier can simply contact Floriday.

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