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Link your own software package to Floriday with the Blueroots link/Floriday API link. We ensure seamless integration so you can trade completely and safely.

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Floriday interfaces with most software packages in the floriculture industry. This allows you, the buyer, to work in your software package but benefit from the data exchange (two-way synchronisation) with Floriday. So you can continue to work as you always have. Is there a module that your software vendor does not (yet) support? Then you can already use this module in Floriday.

Would you like to connect? If so, please contact our support or your own softwaresupplier.

Wondering which modules your software supplier supports?

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Regular updates

If you are a buyer working in your software package that is linked to Floriday, you will be offered a new update twice a year. This update will incorporate the functions which have been defined between Floriday and your software supplier. This way, you always have stable and future-proof trading opportunities.

We are happy to help you on your way with the API

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There are subscription fees associated with the use of the VMP and API (for buyers).

Which module is supported by which software supplier? Check the overview!

See which Floriday modules your software package supports (link to buyers status overview) and apply them in your company. Is your software supplier not listed here? The software supplier can easily contact Floriday. Floriday modules work with your software package. Not all the necessary modules have to be supported by your software package; this is possible in combination with Floriday. You select the method. See what modules your software supplier has linked.

3WT Nevolution
Adfocom (Navision)
Axerrio Floral Software
FloraConnect (Uniware computer systems)
KBT-PRO (Koper IT)
MatchOnline (Advisor)
Rendex (FloMax) - IBH
Wintree (TSD)

Floriday by users

Simon Bruynsteen

Software developer bij De Guchtenaere

"We can now buy in a much more diverse way. The history previously used in the Excel lists is linked to the Floriday catalogue. In addition, this can now be combined with the full supply from Floriday. Meanwhile, we have already saved two full days of time per week by linking with Floriday. Fewer mistakes are made and efficiency improves."

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