Buying on Floriday with the API connection

Do you want to be a reliable partner for your customers, save time on logistics and administration and be able to order quickly? Then work through the Floriday API connection: the foundation for the future!

The Floriday API connection allows buyers and growers to exchange a huge amount of data with each other. The API provides real-time and fast information so you know whether the order has succeeded or you can immediately follow up the order with requests. With the API, as a buyer, you only need one link to bring in all the supply. Various direct links like with the VMP are no longer necessary. Compared to other links like the VMP and Florecom, the Floriday API link is more scaleable, forward-looking and offers the most advantages.

Advantages of buying via the Floriday API connection

Increased reliability to your customers

Direct savings on logistics and administration

Quick ordering on your chosen range

Increased reliability to your customers

The API provides you with the most up-to-date stock and prices for you and your customers. Misidentification is no longer an issue. With instant validations and feedback, you and therefore your customer are sure of your trade. You build your own network of preferred suppliers who provide you with reliable grower data: the plant passport, certification data, etc. You have quick insight into the current order, correction, delivery and payment status.

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Saving on your logistics and administration

Through the API, only what is ordered is settled. Ordering via API ensures automatic invoice checking of orders and deliveries. You always know exactly what you ordered where and whether the invoice is correct. Via a reference, the order is always traceable. And do corrections follow? These are also immediately fed back, back and forth via the API and recorded digitally. You decide whether to check or automatically approve them. Approved adjustments are settled immediately, so everyone knows where they stand.

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Quick ordering on your chosen range

Easily manage your product range and specify which items you want to offer. You have control over this. You can enrich items by choosing primary photos or loadings or even customise names. Are you missing a particular supply? Through the API link, you can easily request supply from a grower. You can also use the API to buy on clock presale offers and term offers.

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Working in the Floriday screens or via the Floriday API link?

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Regular updates

When you work as a buyer in your software package linked to Floriday, you will be offered a new update twice a year. This update includes the functions that, in coordination between Floriday and your software supplier, have been established. So you always have stable and future-oriented trading possibilities.


Using the API (for buyers) is subject to a subscription fee.

What does my software supplier support?

Wondering which modules your software supplier supports? Check the overview.

You can also combine working methods

Is your software supplier not listed here? The software supplier can easily contact Floriday. Is your supplier listed but does it not support certain modules? Not all required modules need to be supported by your software package, you can also work partly in the Floriday screens.

3WT Nevolution
Adfocom (Navision)
Axerrio Floral Software
Blue Petals
FloraConnect (Uniware computer systems)
KBT-PRO (Koper IT)
MatchOnline (Advisor)
Rendex (FloMax) - IBH
Wintree (TSD)

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