Solutions for buyers in Floriday

The Floriday platform offers various solutions for buyers to trade with growers. And it is the central place where buyers can easily and quickly order flowers and plants.

Digital trading for buyers through Floriday

Floriday offers several solutions for buyers (exporters). These are available through an API link with your software package or directly in the Floriday platform. In the platform, you will find the following components to be able to buy flowers and plants.


Floriday includes an explorer where you, the buyer, can see all the flowers and plants on Floriday. In it, you can search within all items in Floriday or search for current offerings in direct trade or clock pre-sales. You can also find the novelties registered through Floriday here.


Direct purchase

In Floriday, you have the opportunity to purchase directly from growers' stores. You simply add the desired flowers and/or plants to your shopping cart and order from real-time supply. Purchase orders are recorded in Floriday so you always have insight into your orders. This will reduce errors and leave more time for other work.

Direct purchase

Direct Bidding

With Direct Bidding, you can easily trade with growers through bidding. You can buy products directly from growers by bidding the asking price or by making a counter bid. If the bid is lower, the deal is closed once the grower accpets the highest bid.

Direct Bidding

Establishing contracts with growers

Contracts are recorded centrally and in one environment, which both the buyer and the grower can easily call upon. This gives you all your appointments with growers in one place and in a well-organised way.



To view growers' offerings, you can send a connection request to a grower through Network in Floriday. The grower will then place you in a 'customer specific price group', so you will always see the correct price. In Floriday, you can easily manage and expand your network. And set your trade settings centrally and easily determine how you want to trade with each other. 


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Jeffrey Rietveld

Purchaser at Jaap Rietveld

"We record agreements with a variety of growers in Floriday's contract module electronically. We work together with the growers to draw up the contract and then rely on that. We find it works perfectly and efficiently."

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