Onboarding in Floriday

Floriday is happy to help you get started in the platform. The Floriday "onboarders" provide (online) support through workshops, CheckUps and appointments.

Increase your Floriday knowledge. Join a workshop

During the (online) workshops, Floriday onboarders will take you through the screens of Floriday. The platform is walked through step by step, so that after attending the workshop you will have the knowledge to complete your daily tasks in Floriday. The workshops are divided by topic, so you can expand your knowledge or take only the topics that are relevant to you. After attending a workshop, you will receive a replay. This replay is available for unlimited viewing by workshop participants.

Are you getting the most out of Floriday? Do a CheckUp

Are you a grower or buyer already using Floriday, but do you want to get even more out of it? Floriday is constantly evolving and adding useful features and new capabilities. So more and more is possible, only some users lack the time to keep up to date continuously. This is why Floriday has developed the CheckUp. With this CheckUp, you can get the most out of the platform and we will look specifically at the possibilities for you. You get specific advice, tips and tricks during an (online) appointment. Learn more about a CheckUp.

Make an appointment

The Floriday support team is available to you daily from 8am to 5pm (CET). Do you have a question you'd like to address in an (online) appointment? Then request an appointment by filling out the form. A Floriday onboarder will contact you.

Request an appointment