Data Policy

Confidential handling of data

We handle your data with confidentiality and integrity at Floriday, which is ensured by a transparent and verifiable policy.

Sharing data is a necessary part of the service provision of Royal FloraHolland, for example for handling of orders, financial settlements, logistical activities and implementing corrections.

With regard to all data entrusted to Royal FloraHolland, users of Floriday have access to their own data at all times. In addition, Royal FloraHolland complies with applicable laws and regulations on privacy, competition and data security. Integrity and confidentiality come first and we can demonstrate this at all times.

In this PDF, you can find a complete overview of all basic principles of the Information and Data Policy of Royal FloraHolland.



The measures below have been taken to ensure that we handle data on Floriday with integrity and that this is done as stated in the data policy.

The access to data is limited to employees who require this by virtue of their positions, such as the Floriday support team in order to be able to deal with queries.

To increase awareness, all Royal FloraHolland employees are - and will be - trained on an ongoing basis in the Code of Conduct of Royal FloraHolland, which includes how employees should handle commercially sensitive information.  In addition, much attention is paid to Security Awareness Training courses (for example, employees have a confidentiality clause).

In case of observed or reported violations or deviations, the HR policy applies, in which sanctions are laid down.

Technical measures have been taken to control access to systems: authentication (is the person who is requesting access really the person they say they are?) and authorisation (what is a user allowed to do within an environment?).And in addition, procedural measures have been taken into how changes are implemented in IT systems.

The ‘Royal FloraHolland committee information policy’ formulates the Information Policy and supervises its implementation. A Data Committee has been established to discuss and evaluate the implementation of the Information Policy in practice. This consists of representatives of Royal FloraHolland, growers and buyers, in addition to an external independent expert in the field of data.

The ‘Internal Audit Department’ of Royal FloraHolland annually investigates the structure, existence and operation of the measures mentioned above.

Who has access to data and how is this processed?

The image below provides a complete overview of the data in Floriday and who has access to it and/or can process it.

Suppliers (growers)
Customers (buyers)
Warehouse Services
Payment services provider services
Auction Services
RFH Data Science*

*Information policy applies to service provision by RFH.

RFH Business Intelligence**

**Information policy applies to RFH users

RFH Insights
Floriday touchpoints
Network and requests

The network of suppliers, created by customers, is the basis for direct sales. Article and supply requests by customers from their suppliers.

Trade items

Trade items created by suppliers as basis for sales, deliveries and payments.


Parties created by suppliers as basis for supply, availability and delivery orders.


After growers create the supply, it will be made available to the buyers.

Contracts and orders on demand

After creation of the contract by growers and buyers, standing orders can be placed.

Sales orders

A sales order is an order based on direct sales, auction presales or auction sales. In addition, a sales order is automatically created based on accepted standing orders with contracts. 

Customer stickers

Customer stickers are made available after the sales order was placed by a customer to a grower.

Delivery orders

The delivery orders to customer locations, auction or external stock warehouses that are submitted by the growers. The delivery orders to customer locations are derived from the sales orders.

Fulfillment orders

The fulfilment tasks for readying the delivery by growers or warehouses and the announcement of the delivery to the warehouse and/or the customer. 


The transactions are created automatically, based on the sales orders and fulfilment tasks for the set-off and payment by the payment service provider. 

Through PSP Through PSP Through PSP

Would you like more specific information about data that is shared during Auction sales, contracts, direct purchasing and sales? Click here for more detailed information.

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