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Please note, the diagram only indicates whether the feature(s) has been rolled out to at least one customer. If you want to know whether your software vendor also has the features available for you and what is required for them, please contact your software vendor.

All modules are supported through the Floriday screens. If the software supplier does not support the module, you can always work through the Floriday screens or through an alternative package.

  • Live

    The function is live with at least one user. Want to know if you can also use this function? Contact your software supplier.

  • To be realised

    The feature is under development by your software supplier. Contact your software supplier to find out when it will be available to you.

  • Confirmed, on schedule

    The feature is scheduled to be developed. Contact your software vendor to know when it is available to you.

  • Not supported

    The feature is not developed in the software package. The feature can be used in the Floriday screens.

  • New feature

    The feature is new within the Floriday API connection.

  • New enhancements

    This existing feature within the Floriday API connection has been enhanced.

  • No info available

    It is unknown whether the functionality will be supported or not. Please contact your software supplier for more information.

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Adfocom (Navision)
Agriware (Mprise)
Axerrio Floral Software
Blucom (EDV-ring)
Codema SDF Profice
Debo Projects
FlowerForm (Bonet)
Greenmaster (9knots)
KBT-PRO (Koper IT)
MatchOnline (Advisor)
Olsthoorn Kwekerpakket
PlantsOnCloud (Allnice)
Rita Bosse Software
Wintree (TSD)

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