What is Floriday for buyers?

Floriday allows buyers to digitally purchase flowers and plants in the floriculture industry from one place. Discover the different possibilities of Floriday!

Easy purchasing and access to the largest online marketplace

Floriday offers you as a buyer access to the largest global online marketplace for flowers and plants. We offer you a digital trading platform with convenient functions to handle commercial and logistical processes easily and efficiently. Resulting in a seamless integration in the rest of your organizational processes. This way, you can do business with growers in a personal way. You work from one central location where you have insight into the total supply and all orders. In addition, Floriday offers you additional services to help you do business such as market insight, fulfilment and financial payment services.

Floriday offers you

Buying convenience at the largest ornamental plant marketplace

Real-time information with correct supply

Reliable product information and certification

Digital purchasing on Floriday

Floriday allows buyers to purchase flowers and plants directly in the platform nationally and internationally. Once you have connections with growers, you can buy into the supply that is in the growers' store. In Floriday you can buy through day trading, weekly trading or you can digitally record long-term agreements in a contract. And has a grower sent you an offer? In just a few clicks you can place an order.

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Digital purchasing via your own software package

Do you work in a software package? You can link this ERP package with Floriday through an API link (Floriday API or Blueroots API). With this link, Floriday and your software package fit together seamlessly. This allows you to continue working as you are used to, but to benefit from optimum information exchange. Is there a feature in Floriday that you would like to use, but which is not (yet) supported by your software package? Then you can use that feature in the Floriday platform.

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Floriday by users

Casper van Iterson

Flower buyer at Hoek Group

"When I place an order on this supply, I generally get the EKT data within half an hour. And because you can be sure that the fresh flowers will be with you before 5 or 6 o'clock the next morning, I can then immediately put the product through for sale. This actually saves us 16 hours of sales time."

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