What is Floriday for agents?

Floriday allows trading and logistics agents to trade digitally for growers in the floriculture sector. Discover the different possibilities!

Digital trading in flowers and plants as a commercial or logistics agent

Floriday is the digital trading platform for agents where commercial and logistical processes are handled for growers and buyers. With Floriday, we make the floriculture industry more accessible and simple by providing a single marketplace where agents can digitally trade or process logistics tasks for their member growers.

Sales convenience for agents in floriculture

By offering flowers and plants from growers on Floriday as an agent, you create new sales opportunities for these growers. In Floriday, you work as a trading and/or logistics agent in one central place where you easily process and keep track of your stock, supply and orders. In doing so, you act on behalf of the grower. This way you can do business with buyers quickly and easily.

Selling digitally as an agent at Floriday

With Floriday, you can sell flowers and plants locally or worldwide as a trading and/or logistics agent, or process them logistically for growers. Once the supply is live, you can offer products to the customers, nationally and internationally. Through contract trading, it is possible to digitally record supply agreements with customers. And have you sent a buyer a special offer? Then the buyer or exporter can place the order with just a few clicks.

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Digital selling for growers through your linked software package to Floriday

Do you work as a trading and/or logistics agent in a software package? You can connect this ERP package to Floriday through a Floriday API link. With this link, your software package and Floriday seamlessly fit together and the necessary information is shared. You can continue to work for growers as you are used to. Is there a feature you would like to start using, but which is not supported by your software package? Then you can use that feature in the Floriday platform.

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Floriday offers you

Ease of sale in the largest floriculture market

One central place to manage your stock, supply and orders

Fast and reliable information exchange

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Floriday by users

Guido Zwart

Mount Elgon/Rose Handling Services

"Obviously, something had to start happening. We were working with outdated systems in the industry, and more and more small systems were being developed around us. That's not efficient for anyone."

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