Logistics functions for growers

Floriday is more than just a commercial platform, it also offers you the support you need in your business operations in terms of logistics.

Logistics via Floriday

In Floriday you can use various logistics services such as: stock and order picking, set delivery conditions, EAB (Electronic Supply Letter) and stickering. With these functions, you will ensure that your flowers and plants are delivered to the buyer at the right time and that the logistics process is streamlined and efficient.


Deliver from different locations

Customer-specific agreements on when & where your product will be delivered

Use your carrier of choice

Delivery terms

In Floriday you can easily set your own delivery conditions. This allows your buyer to know exactly when they can expect the products they ordered. Here you also have the ability to set customer-specific delivery conditions allowing you to manage this by customer type. This provides clarity and prevents incorrect deliveries.

Stock and order picking

Floriday offers you the option to deliver from stock and/or from external warehouses. You can create a batch per location, a repacking order and then offer and sell it.

Direct delivery or clock delivery (EAB)

Through Floriday you create an direct of clock deliveery (EAB, Electronic Supply Letter) that ensures that the necessary information ends up in the right place and is immediately digitally recorded. This is possible for the auction locations Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Eelde, Plantion Ede and Veiling Rhein-Maas.


In Floriday, you can add logistics and/or customer-specific (batch) stickers to order requests. You print these stickers through Floriday and stick them on the barrels purchased by the buyer.

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Stickers in Floriday

further improved

Stickers are an important part of the order process in the floriculture industry. Until now, not many stickers have been settled via Floriday. Recently, we implemented several improvements to make this process better. You can find more information in this news release.

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