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With Explorer, you can make direct purchases from current Floriday supply from direct sales and clock pre sales. The handy filters mean you can find growers and their stock for daily and forward trade. You can also directly send requests and make quotes using the Explorer platform. And you can use Explorer to fill your linked webshop inventory.

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Looking for items and want to discover new ranges? In Explorer, it's easy to search on grower, item name, product group, pot size, plant height, or other properties. Use your search results to send a quote directly to your end client. So easy to do from a single environment.

Assortment management

Have a webshop? Simply mark your favourites and immediately place these items in your webshop. With inventory management, you can modify item names, set loading preferences, and choose the photo you want to display. This way you keep your webshop up to date with current and similar stock.

Quick buying

Received an order list from a client? With Explorer, you can quickly and easily find the right current stock of growers and buy directly. You select when and where you want your items delivered, and you then receive available offers based on that. It is also possible to order Clock pre-sale supply. It is also possible to order Clock pre-sale supply. A large order? Sent the grower a request to get the best deal.

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More about the Explorer

8 tips to use the Explorer

even more effectively

With the right filters, you can very easily find the supply you want. In this article, we give you 8 tips, such as using the handy filter selections and filtering by Clock presale supply.

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