Defining contracts with growers

Do you have supply agreements with growers? Record these agreements in Floriday by means of contracts, so that you or the grower only have to call on them.

Supply agreements with growers

In the floriculture industry, a lot of work is done on the basis of supply agreements and contracts. In Floriday, you can record long-term agreements using the 'contract trade' function. Contract trading refers to agreements you make with a grower over the long term. The agreements you record in a contract show up directly in Floriday for both parties to call on.


One-time recording of contracts

Simple call-off from the agreements made

All information within one system

Standing orders

Once you have established a contract with a grower within Floriday, you can start placing standing orders on this contract. You can also work with an on-call schedule. The orders are recorded directly in Floriday.

Data Security

We treat your data on Floriday with integrity and confidentiality, which is safeguarded by our data policy, including the data you record in contracts with growers. This data belongs to you and will not be used for purposes other than those described in our data policy. Read more about Floriday's data policy.

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Bergamotte likes working with contracts: It provides convenience

Cor Kromhout is head plant buyer

We keep a small stock but are never sold out. For each month, we make a forecast. With this, we continuously extend the contracts we have established with growers. We usually set a bandwidth of 20%.

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