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We are a cooperative of growers and the leading international floriculture marketplace. We have been committed to connecting supply and demand of growers and buyers for more than 100 years. Our goal is clear: to achieve the best possible price at the lowest possible cost. We do this by offering services that make it easier for growers and buyers to trade, appropriate logistics solutions and services that help growers and buyers do smart business. We also contribute to future-proof and sustainable floriculture. To make that possible, we continuously respond to developments in the market.


Digitalisation offers new opportunities and possibilities to the floriculture sector. Possibilities that make it easier to do business and grow your business.

We believe in one platform where we set the new standard for the sector together. A network connecting growers, buyers, service providers and suppliers in floriculture worldwide.

Where the widest range of products with the most varieties and sales opportunities come together. Where your transactions are guaranteed, and data works for you. Where you can do business quickly and easily thanks to smart features and services that help you succeed. Where you can connect in your own way.

This makes it easier for you to do business. And leaves you more time to grow your business.

Grow your business. Simplify your process.

Floriday in 10 promises

We stand for....
Buying is having
One link for the floriculture sector: API technology
One central truth of stock, supply and orders
Real-time supply from which buyers can order directly
Rapid and targeted exchange of information
Single entry of information and error-free order process
Building the platform together
Always knowing where your order is
Developing according to the latest standards and techniques
Direct connection between orders, transport orders and settlement

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