Direct sales for growers in Floriday

Make your supply visible in your store so your customers can purchase quickly and easily. Because the buyer orders directly on this supply, fewer errors are made in managing orders and the focus can be placed on supply management.

Direct trade

Do you sell your flowers and plants directly to buyers through direct trade? For this purpose, Floriday offers different functions for day trading, weekly trading and futures trading. By indicating in the product catalogue which flowers and plants you have available, the available supply will appear in your store. The buyer can visit your store directly or search for items within all the available offerings in Floriday. 


Present your offer in your shop

Decide which customers will see your supply

Add additional services directly (cover, stickers)

Flowers and plants supply

In Floriday you can sell daily supply, weekly supply and term supply. You manage the availability of your items yourself. Do you want to give buyers an opportunity to look ahead? You can easily give your customers an indication through forward pricing. By working with settings and features like minimum order size and countdown stock, you always have control over your supply.

My shop

In 'My shop' you can make your complete range directly available to your customers. Present your supply professionally and clearly in collections. When you receive an order, you also handle it quickly and easily through Floriday.


With an offer you bring offers to the attention of your customers in a quick and easy way. Offers have flexible validity and can be created for multiple customers at the same time. Do you have interesting supply for a particular buyer? Try the offer feature!

Additional services

Additional services allow you to offer additions right along with the product, such as covers, stickers and treatments. Thus, the buyer may choose to order this additional service with a particular item.

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Loek Ammerlaan, Accountmanager

"We especially make use of these at times of fast trade, as they allow me to easily supply Van der Plas with the stock they require. Of course, the buyer must always respond. Especially in the event of scarcity, it is nice that you can create the special offer on a countdown basis. That way, you can be sure that you have enough products to supply the regular customers."

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