Network for growers in Floriday

The network in Floriday creates new sales opportunities for growers. This function allows you to connect with new buyers and increase your network and sales opportunities. 

Network in Floriday

Trading through Floriday starts with making connections with buyers. Once you have a connection with a buyer, you can do business online. Make your profile as attractive as possible to promote visibility and sales. The network in Floriday lets you see exactly which customers are in your network and what their favourite items are. Manage your network easily with the network function in the platform. Besides ( client-specific) insight, the network function also allows you to interact and set your preferred working method.


Do business with whom you want in your network

Receive enquiries from buyers in your network

Define how you want to trade with Trade Settings

Profile page

A well-filled profile page in Floriday ensures that you as a grower are easy to find for buyers. Fill this page with information (your bio, website, social media, profile picture) about your nursery. This ensures that a buyer is presented with your flowers and plants (including specifications such as certificates) in the best way possible.

Requests for quotes

Through Floriday, you have the ability to receive requests for quotes from buyers. These requests for quotes come from items that are in your catalog. You have the ability to respond to a request for quotes and thereby do business directly with this buyer.

Timeline messages

Send buyers in your network messages on their timeline. Do you have offers or, for example, new items you want to draw attention to? Through the dashboard, you can place an update (status message) on the buyer's timeline. These messages are visible to buyers on their dashboard.

Trade settings

With trade setting in Floriday, as a grower you can work together more easily and pleasantly with buyers. You can easily set up how you want to trade with each other in a single place in Floriday. Not only does this provide clarity, it also saves unnecessary work, avoids mistakes and makes dealing with each other more pleasant.

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Tips for getting the attention of buyers:

Attract attention

from the buyer

Through Floriday you can invite buyers to visit your store. Your store also has a unique link that you can use to give the buyers. Another way to get attention is to give buyers you have a connection with an update through their timeline.

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