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Welcome to the developer page for Floriday. Here you start by connecting your grower or customer application to the Floriday platform via the API. You use this link for external software applications and to build an app in the Floriday platform.

Getting started

  1. Complete the registration software supplier form via the API.
  2. An implementation consultant will contact you; if necessary, an intake interview will be scheduled.
  3. As soon as it is known whether you will actually link with Floriday or develop an app on Floriday, we will register the application and create a test account for 'staging' (a test environment). You will receive an email from us with the client credentials and the API key for the test user, including login credentials. We use the developers' contact information for communication and support via Slack on the #erp-support or #support-customer-api channel.

Floriday developer portal with latest documentation

Developer portal

Questions about implementation?

For questions about implementation in both grower and buyer packages, contact our implementation specialists:

  • Arjan Duijkers
  • Jeroen Huis
  • Ruud Schuurman
  • Jeffrey Nijssen
  • Ruud Poleij
  • Justin Steenbergen


Please note that using the API comes with a subscription fee for buyers.


API-terms apply to these services.

Contact and support

For questions related to the registration process please contact our support via For help and functional/technical questions in development support, please refer to our Slack channels.

Let's get started! 

Fill out the application form. We will start preparing so that you can soon link your grower or customer application to the Floriday platform via the API. You use this application form for both the request for linking external software applications and apps.

Linking registration forms via the ERP API