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Are you already using Floriday, but would you like to get even more out of it? Floriday is constantly developing and useful functions and new options are constantly being added. More and more is possible, therefore, but some users lack the time to continuously stay up to date. That is why Floriday developed the CheckUp. With this CheckUp, you can make use of everything the platform has to offer and we will specifically look at which options are available to you. 

The Floriday CheckUp.

What does the Floriday CheckUp mean for you? Growers and buyers receive free concrete advice and tips & tricks to get the most out of Floriday. This ranges from practical tips about working in Floriday to useful settings and the use of new functions. With the Floriday CheckUp, you will get the most out of Floriday!

What can the CheckUp offer you? 

  • You get personal advice about the options you have in order to work more easily and efficiently. This is free of charge.
  • Our experts at Floriday have extensive knowledge and know exactly what the options are, for both growers and buyers in direct trade and auction trade. You can indicate what concerns you the most, or what you need specifically.
  • You can receive advice in the manner that you prefer: custom advice in an online video call or - depending on your location - a visit from a Floriday expert at your location.
  • Depending on your wishes and needs, you’ll be completely up to date again after a CheckUp of about 1 hour!

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