API connections

We want to innovate Floriday quickly but also sustainably. That is why we are developing future-proof links (API connections) that communicate with other software. 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of definitions that software programs use to communicate easily with one another. The code in an API link ensures that the systems are automatically granted access to one another’s information and functions. The developers do not have to know exactly how the other program works. An API link therefore ensures efficient communication between systems.

Floriday is developing API connections step by step. The API that links to ERP systems (ERP-API) will be delivered in the form of a beta release first. It will be available to a number of ERP suppliers. If this goes well, it will be further developed with extra possibilities. The final ERP-API will be available to every ERP supplier.

All existing ERP connections, such as EAB, VMP and EOS, will eventually be discontinued. Naturally, this will not happen until a strong alternative is available. Together with the ERP supplier and the grower, we will carefully consider how we can make the transition to the ERP-API as smooth as possible.

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