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A direct VMP link between growers (suppliers) and buyers will shortly no longer suffice. The VMP link between growers and buyers can no longer be used to settle through Royal FloraHolland, with this being replaced by a future-proof API link. We recommend using this API link. Please inform your buyers about this. We can help them to re-connect with the right link.

It will still be possible for buyers to connect to FloraXchange and FloraMondo through VMP in order to receive your supply. But, in the future, this VMP link will also be replaced by the future-proof API link.

VMP has a number of limitations, which means that it no longer functions optimally at the current scale. For example, delivery times are not easy to fit into the VMP, forward trading is tricky and the structure does not suit growers (suppliers) with a large ‘catalog'. In addition, many traders find all the different links a bit of a hassle.


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