Direct purchasing on Floriday

Quick ordering from growers

Would you like to place orders directly in Floriday as a buyer? That’s possible! If you don’t use a (personal) software package or only partially use it to order flowers and plants, you can create and place direct orders from the supply that growers have made available in their Floriday store.

Get started with Direct purchasing on Floriday

The benefits of Direct purchasing

Clear and easy selection and ordering

View a grower's assortment in collections and order faster!

Buy directly on Floriday - Floriday

Payment including transport costs

Payment can include transport costs. Scaled prices are unnecessary.  

Supplementary services

Add supplementary services such as sleeves, stickers or treatments. 

Purchasing tips

Quickly process incoming purchasing tips.

Direct purchasing via Floriday - how does it work?

Floriday provides buyers with the option to 'follow' growers. In this way, a buyer can see at a glance the supply they are interested in. When the grower receives and accepts the buyer's follow request, the grower adds the buyer to a price group. This allows the buyer to see the price that is applicable to them. A buyer can then place the order digitally with the grower. The result is an order that meets the requirements of 100% Digital trading!

Find more information about Direct purchasing on this page >>


Ready to order in just a few steps!

  1. Create a free Floriday account. Click here to sign up
  2. Log on to Floriday
  3. Follow the steps in this instructional video (link invoegen)
  4. Connect with growers whom you often do business with
  5. View the grower's store and place orders

Watch this video to see how to get started as a buyer, and how Direct purchasing works! >> (link invoegen)



Buyers about Direct purchasing on Floriday:

Direct purchasing on Floriday

Get started with Direct purchasing on Floriday

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