100% Digital trading as a buyer

How does it work?

What’s the reason for 100% Digital?

All transactions at the Royal FloraHolland marketplace will be fully digital. This marks FloraHolland’s next step in the digital transformation of the floriculture industry. Digitisation increases the efficiency and speed of both supply and demand. In addition, it helps the sector to fully comply with the tightened financial legislation in Europe.

New approach Floriday and end date 100% Digital suspended

In February 2021, the end date of 100% Digital was suspended after feedback from the market on the Floriday platform and its implementation. In recent weeks, on the advice of the Members' Council, dozens of sessions with agents, growers, buyers and software suppliers have been held to find out how we can improve Floriday. And we discussed which functionalities are needed to work with the platform. We are actively working with this feedback. In the near future, we will be looking together at what is a feasible end date. An end date for 100% Digital has therefore not yet been set and the Connect-EAB will continue to exist for the time being. 

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For buyers, 100% Digital means...

  • Direct trade flows will always be initiated by the buyer, based on the supply that a grower has made available online.
  • All agreements made by phone, Excel and WhatsApp must be recorded in Floriday and the order must also be placed there.
  • You can no longer phone up a grower to get him to enter an order. As a buyer you place an order based on the supply line of the grower.
  • Orders must be placed in FloraXchange, FloraMondo or directly in Floriday.
  • The direct VMP link between growers and buyers can no longer be used to settle via Royal FloraHolland.
  • All orders must be processed digitally. There will always be contact with the grower, as long as the order is placed digitally.
Ordering through Floriday or the existing channels

Maybe you don't have your own software or you would prefer to handle all sales directly through Floriday. Use one of the various options on Floriday to buy products from the growers.

FloraXchange and FloraMondo
You can also (for the time being) use the existing channels FloraXchange and FloraMondo.

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Place orders using own software
Linking by the API

The most reliable way of linking to Floriday is by using the API. Retrieve the supply in real time from Floriday and place your orders.

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Linking by the VMP

For the time being, you will still be able to link your system to Floriday using a VMP link. You can use VMP to access the supply in Floriday and then place your orders.

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Linking using Florecom

You can send Florecom orders to Floriday from your own software system. Floriday validates the orders. If the request corresponds with the supply it will immediately be placed as an order; if it does not correspond to the order, it will appear on the dashboard under Action Required.

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Advantages for buyers

One of the most important advantages of 100% Digital is that the supply is correctly listed in the systems. Of course, 100% Digital offers you as a buyer even more advantages. You will find the most important advantages below!

As a buyer...
Arrange your logistics even more efficiently

Ordering the same products from a few different growers? No problem, the truck is already en route!

Easy order tracking

By means of track & trace you know exactly where your order is located. 

You finally work with stickers

You can have logistic and/or customer-specific stickers applied by the grower.

You can easily find alternatives

By connecting to Floriday you have access to the complete and current range of products and you can easily find alternatives.

You can enter orders manually via the purchase dashboard

By using the purchase dashboard you can manually enter orders or import an Excel file so that the orders can be linked to supply lines on Floriday.

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